FL Trip: Yay Sami!

11 Dec

Yay Sami graduated today! And she didn’t fall on stage or anything. The person who said her name stumbled a little, which I don’t understand. Sami spelled our last name phonetically, so how do you mess up “May-ville” I mean, really???

These photos are courtesy of my mom. Since the pictures at John’s graduation turned out so poorly, I let Mom take care of the photos, and I was working the flip. I don’t have the video edited, but I think it will be cute once I get around to it. Sami tried to sneak past us as the graduates were walking out of the building, but my Dad saw her and I got her! Muahaha.

Sami just keeps growing up. I can’t stop her. It’s crazy.

PS: Oh, so I guess you can tell that I made the flight to Atlanta ok and by doing so was able to go to Sami’s graduation, lol.  I got into West Palm after midnight, but whatever!  Close enough.


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