FL Trip: Sami & Friends

15 Dec

In other “Sami is growing up and I can’t stop it news” I was the DD for Sami and her friends. I mean, the girl is 22, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s going to bars or anything, but I had never witnessed it for myself before.

Left to right: Sami, her boyfriend Boris, Nana, and Nana’s friend Inga.

At first we went to The Dubliner at Mizner Park and played games on their chalkboard tables. I guess the crowd on a Saturday night is much different from on Friday nights (when Sami and co usually go), because it was mostly middle aged people. I did like the band they had performing though… but it seems I was the only one in the group, so I kept quiet. Four years should not make that much of a gap, come on now.

After we got bored at Dubliner, we met Sami’s boyfriend and his friends at Hooters, lol. We didn’t stay long though; and were done by midnight. Lightweights. 😉


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