FL Trip: Places I Had Always Wanted to Go to

16 Dec

Since I moved from FL, they have built up two stores I had always wanted to go to: Ikea, and Anthropologie.

On Saturday, before I went out with Sami and her friends, Sami, Mom, and I went to Anthropologie in the Town Center Mall. As expected, that store is AMAZING! I saw so many things I wanted to try my hand at making because their prices are kind of crazy. I wish I had taken photos, but I didn’t snap a single one. 😦 We did end up buying a few things though. My mom got me a cute red dress in the clearance room: down to $30 from $118! I was going to wait until Christmas to wear it, but Sami said I should wear it out that night, so you can see a little hint of it in the post about going out with Sami and her friends. My mom also bought me a letter “P” in cool fabric for my “P” wall that I’m planning. Sami got some things (perfume or something) that I don’t remember, and I don’t think I got anything else… but if I did, I guess I’ll just be surprised when the package comes! Besides the dress, there was too much stuff for me to bring back with me on the plane, so Mom is going to mail them to me later in the month.

On Sunday, before my flight home, my parents, Pat, and I went to Ikea! I was pretty excited about this, as the closest Ikea to me is in Toronto. As to be expected at a place that sells cool stuff for cheap before the holidays, parking was CRAZY! We ended up parking on the roof of the parking garage, and that made it simple. I was already pretty hungry by the time we got there, so we ate lunch at the cafe first. My parents love the Swedish meatballs they have, and they were running a special where you could get 10 meatballs, mashed potatoes, and berries for a dollar. A DOLLAR. So guess what we all got, lol? We did buy drinks and cookies though, so it wasn’t like we just spent four bucks, but seriously – the savings.

After we ate, we walked around and holy cow is that place cool. The way they have mini apartments set up? Amazing! I saw a cool frame that I wanted, but realized it was way too big to be practical. Even now, I don’t regret passing it up, so I think I made the right decision. I did see this piece of monster artwork that looked like it was drawn in marker that I want my sister to recreate. The one there had too many mean monsters. I want more bunnies and kitties with my monsters, lol. In the end, we bought a bunch of stuff and chose the wrong line to wait in. It took FOREVER. My dad and I made up stories as to why this one guy was taking so long at the register. We ended up deciding that the guy used to date the cashier’s sister and he broke her heart, so she is being all passive aggressive and taking her sweet time running his stuff through.

Also, I think we stole one of their bags! O_o We didn’t mean to, we just got to the car and were like “Did they charge us for that?” Whoops!


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