Superbowl Food

9 Feb

I wanted pizza last night for the big game, but I knew that ordering from a shop would take forever, and be pretty wasteful, since I didn’t finish the last pizza I bought myself. So, I decided to more or less make my own with what I had in the fridge!

Even though the snopocalypse didn’t hit the Rochester area much, (just some light snowfall) I didn’t want to venture out, so I used some whole wheat tortillas and some left over spaghetti sauce as my base. Then I just added cheese, folded my creation in half, and cooked in my George Forman until the cheese melted! Easy peasy!

I accented it with a glass of milk, some celery sticks, some dried cranberries, and some M&Ms, and I was ready to watch the commercials Saints go to victory!


One Response to “Superbowl Food”

  1. Charlene Maville February 12, 2010 at 12:30 am #

    Very cool! Great spread that you created & clever…kind of a pizza quesadilla!

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