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Superbowl Food

9 Feb

I wanted pizza last night for the big game, but I knew that ordering from a shop would take forever, and be pretty wasteful, since I didn’t finish the last pizza I bought myself. So, I decided to more or less make my own with what I had in the fridge!

Even though the snopocalypse didn’t hit the Rochester area much, (just some light snowfall) I didn’t want to venture out, so I used some whole wheat tortillas and some left over spaghetti sauce as my base. Then I just added cheese, folded my creation in half, and cooked in my George Forman until the cheese melted! Easy peasy!

I accented it with a glass of milk, some celery sticks, some dried cranberries, and some M&Ms, and I was ready to watch the commercials Saints go to victory!


Inspiration from the Library: Scrapbooking

8 Feb

One more blog about inspiration I found from a book in the library. This time, it was “501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas” (ISBN: 1892127520) and the pages above are my favorites from it. I numbers them so I could say why.

1. I liked the way that the creator used the little teeny pictures to kind of frame the larger, main picture.  Since I know how to make little teeny pictures, there’s no reason why I couldn’t do this too!

2. I liked how they used vintagy-papers to fill up the page.  I see vintage papers on etsy all the time, but never really understood how they could be useful until now.  (Silly, I know.)

3. The circle/ring made of paper with the little circle pictures just kills me!

4. This is so girly I love it.  Their use of ribbon and butterflies is just perfect.

Other notes I took while looking through this book:

  • Use stencils & marker to write out title of page right on the background paper.  It creates a cool, kind of see-through effect on the letters.  Paint is neat too, but might weight down paper?
  • Tear the bottom edge of your photo border, and make border a little taller than needed to you can fit journaling above the tear.  (Does this one make sense to you readers, or just me?)

And again, a larger photo and one of the cover are over in my new Flickr account.

PS: Oh crap, I forgot a page in my collage, and I’m too lazy to go back and add it. (lol) I like this one because of the way it uses smaller pictures and cool paper.

Inspiration from the Library: Plush

5 Feb

I went to the library last week and got out some books, so I thought I would share a couple of them with you. I think I want to try out these patterns this weekend, but we’ll see. I always get nervous about plush toys. They just seem so difficult!

The first is “The Cute Book” by Aranzi Aronzo. (ISBN: 9781932234688) This looks like it won’t be hard since the arms and legs are just flat pieces of felt. I could make one of these little guys pretty easily, I think.

The second is “Sewing Tiny Toys” by Carolyn Vosburg Hall. (ISBN: 0873417879) This one looks like it would be more challenging, and makes me a little nervous. Were you surprised that I chose pandas to try and make? You shouldn’t have been!

I scanned in the covers of the books and the pattern pages, and uploaded them over to my new Flickr account that I made just for this blog. I don’t have many friends over there, and I’d love it if you added me!

Happy weekend!

Lunch Talk

4 Feb

With my being pregnant, I’ve begun to eat A LOT healthier. Which means I can’t go down to Sweet Dawn‘s anymore, and that I have to bring my own food from home. For the first trimester, I brought all pre-packaged stuff, and it made me so sad that I was creating so much waste! When I ate at Sweet Dawn’s, I would bring my own plate, so they didn’t have to use a Styrofoam container, but when I stopped going I had all kinds of containers to throw away:

  • plastic milk bottle a day
  • orange juice carton a day
  • protein drink bottle
  • yogurt containers
  • cottage cheese containers
  • apple sauce containers
  • plastic bags for my sandwiches
  • plastic bags for my carrot sticks
  • plastic bags for my celery sticks

I would look for containers to reuse, but I could only find the big “typical” Tupperware containers. That’s not what I wanted! I wanted something I could put cottage cheese and yogurt into! Truth be told, I have had a sandwich container for a while now, but I really should have bought more than one because I’m not all that great at washing it every day.  I also bought a snack container that I could put my carrots into, but again… issue with the lack of washing it.  :-/

When I was at Wegmans earlier this week though, I had a genius thought! Why not check the BABY section and see what they have??? And sure enough, I got a six pack of containers in the “yogurt” size that I wanted for $2.99. That’s what the orange container is.  The regular Tupperware ones were like $3.99 each. Win! Next time I go, I have to buy another pack so I can buy a big container of cottage cheese and do the same thing.

The pink container is awesome too. I got it at the dollar store, and it has two compartments in it. I use the bigger bottom section for my salad, and the top section for salad toppings (dried cranberries, cheese, cucumbers, etc.) and then I mix them in a bowl that I keep in my office.  Sometimes I put other snacks in there though, like today; I just had dried fruit.

I also bought a travel mug to put my orange juice in. I need to buy a couple more though, as I still need something to hold my milk and I would like to start bringing V8 juice to work. I used to bring little cans of it, but I stopped because the amount of trash in my garbage can was just too much for me to bear! This particular travel mug is nice because it comes 100% apart, so it’s really easy to clean. Once I get the other travel mugs, this one will become my milk mug.

Geez I eat a lot.  It’s 5:00 now and I’ve only got my apple and carrots left…and I’m about to eat the carrots!