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The Easter Village

30 Mar

OMG did Easter sneak up on me. Last weekend, when my mom asked me what I had planned for it, (nothing) I didn’t really think anything of it, but then BAM, I realized yesterday that it’s THIS SUNDAY! And the only decorating I’ve done is set up my Easter village metropolis!

This might be the only decorating I do. Seems kind of like a waste to pull everything out for just the rest of the week. Who knows though, the end of the week is supposed to have amazing weather, so maybe I’ll put up the Easter egg tree.

Oh, how my little village has grown into a metropolis, as my friend Marya calls it. Once again though, Walgreens does not seem to be selling any new houses… not here, and not in Florida either! So sad!

Recap: Easter decorations in 2009 and 2008.


I Want to Like You, I Do, but…

24 Mar

I got my Forever21 newsletter today, and I hardly ever open it, but it had “Wonderland” in the title so I thought I’d take a peek. And at first, I liked a bunch of the clothes. But then, when I looked at the pictures with the models, they all dropped down to something that can’t be worn. I don’t understand… if the MODEL looks weird in the items, how am I supposed to look cute??? Nevermind that a lot of the items are made out of polyester.  (Yuck)  And so short!  Why is everything so short, Forever21??  Here are the items that I liked:

I don’t know what their “Twisted” line (?) is, but I wish they would make it slightly more mainstream. I really want to wear these items! I might actually drag myself out to Eastview to try them on… not that I’ll be able to tell what I’ll really look like post-birth, but you know…

Dresses: 1 2 3
Separates: 1 2 (skirt) 3

Twilight Picspam

22 Mar

Twilight usually sleeps next to me, but sometimes…

… She gets a little too up-close and personal. Good morning, Twilight.

Gift from my Sister

20 Mar

I got a package yesterday, and inside was a painting my sister made for me. Isn’t it cool? She painted a bird and glued a gardener’s glove to the canvas. I think she could sell these, don’t you?

PS: I made a facebook fan page for the blog and updated the facebook link over on my right hand column. I’d love if you became a fan! I also added an RSS feed button because I got a comment asking for my RSS link. So if you’ve been having problems adding my blog to your reader, hopefully that will fix it!

Mario Brothers / Old Games Nursery

15 Mar

This picture (source) has inspired me to make a Mario/old video game nursery. I was going to go with a classic Winnie the Pooh theme, but I think I’ll save that for when I have a girl. I think we’re going to nerd out on our little boy.

Here are some links to Mario rooms I’ve found on flickr:

Some of these look like they’re restickable wall decals, which I’m not opposed to, but I just haven’t found the look I want yet. I like the Super Mario 3 look more than the older, browner ones.

Other games we’re thinking of including: Bubble Bobble, Zelda, the dog from Duck Hunt, and Mega Man. Maybe Ninja Turtles later.

With as much as we might be moving around with the whole army life thing, I don’t really want to paint a mural on the walls. So that means that anything we make would have to be a stand-alone piece OR some kind of wall hanging.

I am also thinking up Nintendo bedding for the daybed that will stay in the room.  Stuff like this pillow and this quilt. And those are my thoughts so far. It’s going to be awesome.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

13 Mar

The city of Rochester’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was today, and I worked it in the 106.7 KISS-FM SUV. John and Kipp came with me! We always end up waiting for an hour before our car moves in the parade, so I bought along a project to work on; a cape for Kipp! I had all the letters cut out and pinned beforehand, so all I needed to do was sew on the letters.

The cape is an old Halloween cape I bought on clearance last year. Somewhere along the way though, I lost the green embroidery thread. So, I hastily sewed on the white letters with white embroidery thread. In my hast I sewed the “U” on wrong! Whoops. Oh well, when I go over it with the green thread, I’ll fix it… until then, it’s kinda like an LOLcat picture, right?

Kipp didn’t mind it, but it kept slipping to her side. I might have to add some ribbons to tie it around her belly. Do you think that would help?

Slipcover Progress

8 Mar

This is the state of the couch as of this morning. The black blob over to the left side is the cover for the right side of the couch.

As you can see, that blob actually looks pretty nice once it’s on the couch. I hope to finish sewing up the other one tonight. I still have to shop around for the contrasting fabric for the cushions.  And that’s the progress!