I Want to Like You, I Do, but…

24 Mar

I got my Forever21 newsletter today, and I hardly ever open it, but it had “Wonderland” in the title so I thought I’d take a peek. And at first, I liked a bunch of the clothes. But then, when I looked at the pictures with the models, they all dropped down to something that can’t be worn. I don’t understand… if the MODEL looks weird in the items, how am I supposed to look cute??? Nevermind that a lot of the items are made out of polyester.  (Yuck)  And so short!  Why is everything so short, Forever21??  Here are the items that I liked:

I don’t know what their “Twisted” line (?) is, but I wish they would make it slightly more mainstream. I really want to wear these items! I might actually drag myself out to Eastview to try them on… not that I’ll be able to tell what I’ll really look like post-birth, but you know…

Dresses: 1 2 3
Separates: 1 2 (skirt) 3


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