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John’s Birthday Present

26 Apr

Two posts in one day! OMG! On the 13th, I hinted about this on the blog’s facebook page, and am about a week late getting it up. Sorry! I wanted to wait until John got it before posting about it, and then got caught up in the family visit. But anyway.

Here she is! Originally, I was just going to buy one of those plastic photo wallet inserts and put a bunch of photos in there, but I couldn’t find any in the stores I went to. Apparently, they don’t make them anymore (?) and I thought of the idea way too late to order one from an online shop. So, I had to make my own!

I forget how many exactly, but I think it held about 12 photos in all.  And ended up being WAY too thick for a wallet, but it still came out cute!  And it counts as another Destash-Along project because I just used scrapbook paper, self-adhesive ribbon, and embroidery thread from my stash.  The only thing I had to get (and I probably didn’t actually have to get it) was the clear plastic to protect the photos.  I just took a sheet from work and used that.  So, no money spent!

First, I made a template for my pages out of some white card stock.  I meant to save it, scan it in, and make it available as a free pdf download, but I can’t find it anywhere, so I don’t think I saved it.  😦  Sorry.

I found that folding the sheet over before tracing the squares helped A LOT; as it was easier to match the template up with the paper and it stayed in place better.  And cutting one square out of the end and then folding it over and tracing the hole you just cut out to make the middle ones made things more symmetrical.  Also, use an x-acto knife if you can.  I used scissors and it wasn’t fun.  Repeat until you have all of your pages cut out.

To put the pages together I just used a lot of glue, tape, and the self adhesive ribbon.  I first glued the clear plastic to the insides of the paper, then folded the ends in towards the middle, and then tapped the pictures to the back side of the paper where I wanted them.  (Two pictures for each section, backs together so that the pages were double sided.)  I then used self adhesive ribbon down the center of the page to keep the centers down.  The edges were kept together with glue.

I’m POSITIVE there are better ways to do this, but I made this at work, and had to use what I had on hand.  The glue part was really fussy and my crappy work glue stick wasn’t quite strong enough for the plastic sheets.  I longed for my scrap booking glue, but it was at home in my craft room, and I needed to get this out in the mail THAT DAY.  So I kept on.

To make the cover, I cut out a long piece of black card stock and rounded the edges on one side.  I made it a lot longer than I needed to, so that it didn’t come out too short when the book was closed.  I then paper clipped all the pages and the cover together and sewed up the seam with embroidery thread.  I then trimmed the long end of the cover and rounded the edges and tied some embroidery thread around the whole thing.  To finish it off, I put more self-adhesive ribbon over the seam on the outside to cover my knots.

Fin!  Did that tutorial make sense?  And best of all, it got to John on time and he liked it!  😀


Happy Bench Monday

26 Apr

I had a great week with my Dad and brother in town. The house is now quiet and lonely. I have a lot of catching up to do. Until then, Happy Bench Monday!