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Hearts and Crafts Fair

28 Jun

In my last entry, I mentioned how my mom and I went to John’s Tex Mex. While we were there, I picked up a flier for the second Hearts and Crafts fair, which took place on May 23rd. My friend Marya and I went to check it out.  (And I took pictures this time!  Unlike the last craft fair I went to…)

The fair took place on the sidewalk outside Java, and was pretty laid back. I was surprised at how much traffic the different booths were getting, but I probably shouldn’t have been because it was the weekend, and a nice day to boot. Plus, who doesn’t like browsing a craft fair?!

We didn’t end up getting anything, but there were some really cool things that I wanted to get, like this stuffed giraffe for the baby. I didn’t take a card or anything for the vendor though, so I can’t even link them. 😦 There was also this guy who was whittling little gnome-like creatures out of sticks that were really cool. I almost got one of those, but didn’t because I am trying to buy things that I need, not just want.


Highland Park Diner

25 Jun

Whenever my parents come up, I always try to bring them to something “Rochester.” While my mom was up visiting in May, we went to the Highland Park Diner. She LOVED it. (Which is good, because she wasn’t a fan of John’s Tex Mex, which is a sad thing indeed.) I had never been there before, even though I’ve driven past it a million times.

The diner was apparently made in the 40s, and has been voted Rochester’s “Best Diner” for a number of years. My mom got the corned beef hash and said it was very good.

I got a ham, cheese, and egg sandwich with some home fries, all of which were very good. I would recommend this to anyone that comes by. Just add some extra time for parking; their lot is small, so you might have to hunt around for street parking if you go around lunch time.

Baby Shower – Food & Decorations

23 Jun

The first of the decorations is the wreath I made to hang on the front door. This is a little dollar store creation, and I really like it in it’s simplicity. Just a Styrofoam wreath, a couple shades of ribbon, a gift wrap bow, and some plastic baby rattles.  I used straight pins instead of glue too, so I can take the baby stuff off and use the wreath for something else.

Another project I did was the card garland. It was super easy, and I think it turned out really well. All I did was take some wooden clothes pins, trace the size of the top onto some scrapbooking paper, cut out all the little strips, glue the paper to the clothes pin, and clip them on a ribbon I’d hung to the wall. If I had more time, I probably would have coated them with some mod podge or something, but they are still hanging in my dining room and still going strong, so I didn’t need to. During the opening of presents, my mom would go over and pin up the cards so they added to the decoration!

The fabric hanging is (are?) some faux-quilt blocks I drew up and had printed by Spoonflower in Mario Brothers fabric I designed.  They came out really well, except my red is neon orange (boo you Spoonflower and your hatred of red!) and I made the Mario characters waaaay too small in one of my “fabric” patterns.  I didn’t really do the math right on how small they would actually be when they printed.  It still looks really cute though, and I can’t wait to use them in my baby quilt.

Now onto food!  We kept things pretty simple: bite-sized chicken salad sandwiches, tuna mac, veggies and dip, fresh fruit, and cupcakes.  Probably the fanciest thing was the baguettes with a cheese and bacon sauce, and that wasn’t even really fancy because the sauce came premade from Wegmans!

Do you like my Mario Brothers centerpiece?  My mom and I were in Toys-R-Us looking for Mario plates and things and we found those.  The way we rushed at those figurines, you would have thought we were in a desert and the dolls were filled with water.  Haha.

I made the cupcakes look like the mushrooms from the game. Well, I tried to anyway. The frosting demanded that it stay a little pastel. Oh well, it got the point across.  To make the spots, I used white chocolate wafers and white M&Ms.

And that’s that. There is another woman at work who is pregnant, and a guy who’s wife is pregnant, and all the people at work threw the three of us a baby shower. Do you guys want to see pictures of that, or should I just stick to crafty things? Comment and let me know. Until then, see you next time!

Bench Monday: Yeehaw!

21 Jun

Just a quick break from the baby shower posts to post this Bench Monday photo. It’s the first day of summer, yay! With my maternity leave coming up, I actually feel like I have senioritis again!

Baby Shower – Overview & Activities

18 Jun

Hold on to your hats, people, this is going to be a long one. Originally, I was going to split this up into a lot of entries, but I think since it’s been so long, I’ll just split it up into two: “Overview & Activities” and “Decorations & Food.” While my mom was up, she threw me a baby shower, and it was so much fun!

We, of course, had a Mario Brothers theme for the shower. This was the evite I made that my mom sent out to everyone. I don’t know if anyone would want it, but if you’d like, I can make it available as a download. Just leave a comment letting me know!

I got a lot of great presents, both from my registry and off. Just some of the things pictures are: “Give peas a chance” onesie from my friend Jess, a microwave bottle sanitizer from Mary, and the last two pictures have awesome Mario Brothers gifts from Nicole: Mario Brothers weebles and a print ad from a comic book for the Mario Brothers Atari game from 1983!  I would have included more pictures in this collage, but it would appear that I make TERRIBLE faces while opening presents, lol.

The above picture is a baby quilt that one of my co-worker’s mothers made, and I’m being a big nerd in the second picture and investigating the binding to see it it was machine or hand stitched on.  She said that it was a “cheater quilt” because the center is just a big panel, but I love it anyway.

Our activities were Mario Bingo*, baby shower word scrambles, “Colleen trivia,” and I had them decorate wooden “Ss” and “Ps” (the baby’s initials) that I’ll hang in the nursery.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

And that brings part 1 to a close!

*I made Bingo cards with Mario characters on them. Cute until I realized that I didn’t even know all the character’s names nevermind that no one else at the party knew the names… so I ended up calling things like “B little bullet guy” and “N angry looking alligator girl.” Ah well, lesson learned.

Why hello there!

16 Jun

What a horrible blogger I am! I say that I have so much to say, and then I’m gone for a little over a month! Life and work really got hectic! And holy crap third trimester swollen feet.  Gross.  What’s worse is that I had pictures edited for three entries, and I never got the chance to post them! It’s ok though because I’m going to post them now, heh.  So at least I’ll have posts for today, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday!

John comes home on Thursday, (not tomorrow) and I can’t wait.  Also… that might mean that I’m gone again for a while.  Because, well, my due date is July 1st so who knows when the baby will pop out??  I have a feeling newborn baby does not equal blog entries, but who knows – maternity leave could leave me with all kinds of crazy time on my hands! Fingers crossed.

While my mom was up, she did some landscaping to prepare for my baby shower. She did all of this in ONE DAY, if you can believe it! Doesn’t it look nice? The red mulch is so vibrant! I’m happy to say that most of the flowers are still alive too! Only a couple of the types of flowers in that big blue pot died, (you can kind of see them in the first photo) and that is because I didn’t realize that she just stuck the pots they came in into the bigger pot, so I don’t think I actually ever watered them. Oops.

She also bought that big flag, which was blown off the house the day of my baby shower during a crazy strong wind storm. 😦 Ok, see you on Friday! 😀