Oh, Hi!

11 Aug

**I wanted to post this on Wednesday, so I dated the entry as such because, even though it’s technically Thursday as it’s after midnight, it still FEELS like Wednesday to me.**

Who would have known that the day after my last post would be the day I GAVE BIRTH TO MY SON?! Aaaand, that’s where I’ve been. I was on such a logging roll, too!

Meet my baby! I will be referring to him as “S” on the blog. John was able to make it home for S’s birth, which was awesome.

I had family at the house for the first couple weeks of S’s existence, and it was really nice to have the help. I ended up needing an emergency C-section, and the recovery was a little tough. All the turtling I did while I was pregnant carried over after his birth, except it HURT to get up instead of just being awkward. 😦 Guess cutting muscles will do that to ya.

It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve kind of got a schedule going (induce milk coma, get stuff done) so I’m hoping to be blogging more soon. I even did some sewing today, so I’ll have that to talk about next week. 🙂 Nothing fancy, but it was nice to cut some fabric and sit at my machine while my little man looked on.

Oh yeah, because I am a big nerd and needed something to do during feedings, I created S a twitter account (@EatSleepTwit) and a facebook fan page. So, feel free to add those.


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