Garage Sale Shopping!

18 Aug

Before you ask, sometimes it is boring staying at home with a newborn all day. And when you have fun blocks like these, how can you NOT build a castle on top of a changing table for your blog photos?

I have a few things that I’ve thrifted lately that I wanted to show off, but I haven’t photographed them yet, so I’ll just stick to my latest garage sale finds. Usually, I browse people’s driveways looking for baby clothes, since S doesn’t fit into a whole lot of his yet. He is in an awkward stage where, despite his 8+lbs weight, he is too small for some newborn items, too small for pretty much all 0-3month items, and too big for preemie stuff. So I bring a onesie that fits him in my diaper bag and hold it up to stuff that I find.

This time though, I found toys he won’t be able to play with for years. *facepalm*

Driving back from my doctor’s office last Friday, I saw this little sale with a bunch of kid’s items in it and pulled over. One of the items was a set of two garbage bags FILLED with these cool cardboard blocks. I remember playing with these when I was little and wanted them for S. I hesitated, since it would be so long until he can play with them, but one of the bags had the original $4 price scribbled out, and $3.50 written next to it, so how could I resist?

I got to talking with the woman running the sale and she was saying that her son (who was running around, suggesting things for me to buy, lol.) had gone through all of his toys to find things he could sell because he was saving up to buy a train set. Adorable! NOW how can I not get these blocks?! I looked in my wallet and saw that I didn’t have the change and said I would go to my car to get it. The mom asked her son if they could just sell it to me for $3. The kid looked pained and said “But…but…” I laughed and said I would go get the 50 cents.

They were also selling a wooden train set like the kind I had when I was little for $8, and I am kind of kicking myself for not getting it. I just didn’t want to blow all of my money on the first sale I went to. 😦

At the second sale I went to, I got this awesome Ninja Turtles toy chest. It had a $7 sticker on it, which was more than I wanted to pay. I decided to play the fate game and offered the lady $5 for it. I usually hate people who barter at garage sales, so I never do, but the lady said sure, so it is mine! It’s in pretty good condition for its age, but the lady put the price tag on the top picture, so when I took it off, it took some of the design with it. Boo. 😦

I love that I can go to Friday garage sales now!


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