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Craftin’ Chair

6 Sep

Since I’ve been home on maternity leave, I’ve been going to thrift stores more often. Instead of maybe once a month, I’ll go maybe once a week. It’s been great!

On one trip I saw this chair and thought it would be a really cute replacement for the kitchen chair I’ve been using at my sewing desk. To keep my spending in check when I go out, I always think of a price for what I’m interested in before I pick it up. What I’m willing to spend, if you will, and since I didn’t REALLY need this chair, and it needed to be repainted and the seat recovered (you can’t quite tell from the photo, but it was in rough shape.) I decided I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar. I flipped it around and saw – $7??? What? Pass.

So I bet you’re wondering how I came home with it then? The next time I went to that thrift store, I checked it out again and saw this scribbled on the back of it: $6.99 $4.98 $3.50 $1.99 .99!

Mine! It took them long enough, but it was finally marked down to my price. I bought some cute fabric that was on sale at JoAnn’s ($1.50) and two cans of spray paint ($6) and had myself a cute new chair for less than $10.

Of course this simple project couldn’t just be simple. I started it on Thursday spraying the primer coat of spray paint. This went fine. I was worried that all the drawing on the back wouldn’t come off, but it eventually covered nicely.

Once I was done spraying the primer on, I went inside to recover the seat. I added some padding that I had left over from remaking the couch cushions so that I had a softer seat. This went ok too, except I put the material on backwards first, so the birds faced the back of the chair. D’oh!

I learned from my mistakes in applying the primer and went a lot slower with the yellow on Friday, making sure to watch for drips and actually taking the time to let the paint dry in between layers.

I went out to lunch in between layers too, then to work to show off S, and when I got back home, I found that it had rained at my house…quite a bit. So I moved the chair into the garage so it could dry off again, and finished painting it on Saturday.

While I was spraying the yellow layer, I also spray painted a frame for the nursery, but I’ll get to that later. 😉

It took longer than I had planned (I originally wanted this to be my Friday post.) but I really like how it came out in the end. The only thing I would have done differently is actually sand down the chair first. The paint is sticking, but there are some areas where the wood is chipping, and I think sanding it would have corrected those flaws. They’re not noticeable though, unless you inspect it, so I ultimately don’t mind.

What do you think of my new chair? A nice addition, yes?

PS: Happy Labor Day!


Hearts and Crafts Fair

28 Jun

In my last entry, I mentioned how my mom and I went to John’s Tex Mex. While we were there, I picked up a flier for the second Hearts and Crafts fair, which took place on May 23rd. My friend Marya and I went to check it out.  (And I took pictures this time!  Unlike the last craft fair I went to…)

The fair took place on the sidewalk outside Java, and was pretty laid back. I was surprised at how much traffic the different booths were getting, but I probably shouldn’t have been because it was the weekend, and a nice day to boot. Plus, who doesn’t like browsing a craft fair?!

We didn’t end up getting anything, but there were some really cool things that I wanted to get, like this stuffed giraffe for the baby. I didn’t take a card or anything for the vendor though, so I can’t even link them. 😦 There was also this guy who was whittling little gnome-like creatures out of sticks that were really cool. I almost got one of those, but didn’t because I am trying to buy things that I need, not just want.

Mayday! Underground Craft Fair

3 May

This weekend I went to a local craft fair, Mayday! Underground. It was the first thing I did on Saturday, so I was a little sleepy, which made me more shy. Shucks. I did talk to one vendor though, because she asked about the baby, but I’m not sure which one she was though. 😦 I also didn’t take any pictures because I was feeling shy and was afraid that someone would yell at me, lol.

I was really impressed with kassondraamanda’s setup. I was just kind of “meh” while looking at her stuff online, but seeing it all laid out there at her table made me wish I hadn’t forgotten to go to the bank on Friday to get cash. But ah well, there is always online shopping.

I also really really fell in love with the felted animals from Peaches Products. I’ve never really thought of myself as a felted creature lover, but her little guys made me change my mind. The little penguin was so small, and so cute. I want her to make me a couple little Mario Brothers mushrooms for the nursery.

And of course, I totally geeked out over the posters at dock2letterpress’ booth, especially the “Love is my favorite four letter word” card and the “Follow your heart and you’ll never be lost” poster. Maybe I was feeling romantic on Saturday?

The only thing I bought was a little 1″ button from The Sweetie Pie Press that says “Sewing is believing.” It was $1 and I paid for it in quarters I found in my car, haha.

(image from M!U’s facebook page.)

Here is a little video one of the vendor’s daughter made of the event.

All in all, this was not a bad way to start a Saturday!

John’s Birthday Present

26 Apr

Two posts in one day! OMG! On the 13th, I hinted about this on the blog’s facebook page, and am about a week late getting it up. Sorry! I wanted to wait until John got it before posting about it, and then got caught up in the family visit. But anyway.

Here she is! Originally, I was just going to buy one of those plastic photo wallet inserts and put a bunch of photos in there, but I couldn’t find any in the stores I went to. Apparently, they don’t make them anymore (?) and I thought of the idea way too late to order one from an online shop. So, I had to make my own!

I forget how many exactly, but I think it held about 12 photos in all.  And ended up being WAY too thick for a wallet, but it still came out cute!  And it counts as another Destash-Along project because I just used scrapbook paper, self-adhesive ribbon, and embroidery thread from my stash.  The only thing I had to get (and I probably didn’t actually have to get it) was the clear plastic to protect the photos.  I just took a sheet from work and used that.  So, no money spent!

First, I made a template for my pages out of some white card stock.  I meant to save it, scan it in, and make it available as a free pdf download, but I can’t find it anywhere, so I don’t think I saved it.  😦  Sorry.

I found that folding the sheet over before tracing the squares helped A LOT; as it was easier to match the template up with the paper and it stayed in place better.  And cutting one square out of the end and then folding it over and tracing the hole you just cut out to make the middle ones made things more symmetrical.  Also, use an x-acto knife if you can.  I used scissors and it wasn’t fun.  Repeat until you have all of your pages cut out.

To put the pages together I just used a lot of glue, tape, and the self adhesive ribbon.  I first glued the clear plastic to the insides of the paper, then folded the ends in towards the middle, and then tapped the pictures to the back side of the paper where I wanted them.  (Two pictures for each section, backs together so that the pages were double sided.)  I then used self adhesive ribbon down the center of the page to keep the centers down.  The edges were kept together with glue.

I’m POSITIVE there are better ways to do this, but I made this at work, and had to use what I had on hand.  The glue part was really fussy and my crappy work glue stick wasn’t quite strong enough for the plastic sheets.  I longed for my scrap booking glue, but it was at home in my craft room, and I needed to get this out in the mail THAT DAY.  So I kept on.

To make the cover, I cut out a long piece of black card stock and rounded the edges on one side.  I made it a lot longer than I needed to, so that it didn’t come out too short when the book was closed.  I then paper clipped all the pages and the cover together and sewed up the seam with embroidery thread.  I then trimmed the long end of the cover and rounded the edges and tied some embroidery thread around the whole thing.  To finish it off, I put more self-adhesive ribbon over the seam on the outside to cover my knots.

Fin!  Did that tutorial make sense?  And best of all, it got to John on time and he liked it!  😀

John’s Valentine’s Day Present – Completed

17 Feb

Here are some pictures of the completed booklet. You can see the rest of them over on my flickr.  Most likely, on Friday, I’ll make a tutorial for the little photos.

John’s Valentine’s Day Present

29 Jan

I’ve been spending all of my free time (when I have energy, anyway) working on John’s Valentine’s Day present! I bought a PDF kit from Corey Marie, that I can/could print out and make a mini album!

It’s sooo cute! I messed up on a couple pages though, so I guess it’s good that I can reprint and reprint to my heart’s desire. Well, only one page is really messed up… the other is a “mistake” that I might be the only one to notice.  I’m only posting close-ups now, but once John gets here, (he arrives on the 11th.) I’ll post better pictures, and I want to see if you guys can guess the “mistake.”  While I don’t think he reads my blog anyway, I’m almost positive he won’t read it once he’s home.  So no taking chances on ruining the surprise!  Even though he’s already guessed that he’s getting a scrap book.  *sigh*

I was looking at JoAnn’s during their winter sale, or something like that, and I noticed that the “Brights” mat stack (4.5″x6.5″) by DCWV matches this kit almost EXACTLY! Win!

Believe it or not, all of the pictures printed for this album were on the 4×6″ sheets (?) that you get for 41 cents or whatever from CVS. If you guys want, I can post a tutorial next week going over how I got the smaller pictures.

I guess that’s it for now!  Happy weekend everyone!


15 Jan

While John was in the hospital, I did a lot of scrapbook in his “Army – Year One” book. These aren’t all the pages, but they’re some of the finished (or more finished) ones. You can click on them to view a bigger picture.

(A group shot of my dad, brother, John, myself, and John’s mom is going to go on the blue square.)