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My Creative Space – 09.16.10

16 Sep

… Is hard to photograph right now. Hand sewing by laptop light – bad for the eyes, good enough for getting things done!

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My Creative Space – 09.09.10

9 Sep

I’m going to try to add a picture of my creative space every Thursday along with everyone else. We’ll see how it goes!

My creative space is all about hand sewing lately. I posted this photo on the facebook page on Tuesday. Do you like the blog? Like it on fb!

PS: It’s my dad’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Dad!

Mail Inside

3 Mar

We have a mail box that is, quite literally, a box that sits on the side of our house.  And there isn’t a red flag or anything to signify when we’ve got outgoing mail in there.  Now, this isn’t a problem when we’re sending out Netflix or cards or something…

But it’s a problem when we’re trying to pay our bills.

See, the mailperson doesn’t always look inside first to see if there is mail.  So we could put something in the box on Monday, and it might not be picked up until Wednesday or Thursday.  This is unacceptable.  So I decided to do something about it this weekend.

It’s made out of felt and embroidery thread, and I sewed it all together while watching TV with John.  The same message is on both sides, so if the wind blows, the message is still displayed.  As you can see, my embroidery letter skills need a little work.

I put each end of the ribbon through the holes in the back (that mount the mailbox to the house) so it can fit inside or go outside the mailbox as needed. So far, it’s worked perfectly. Yay!

PS: Watchmen was AWESOME! Go see it when it comes out.


26 Feb

Here are some of the flowers I embroidered on my datebook cover. I’m kinda disappointed that they don’t show up more, but I guess that’s what I get for picking pretty much the same colors that are already on the fabric. I tried a mix of things; all of the flower covered, part of it, just the outline…and it all blends in. The fabric is probably too busy for embellishing anyway. Guess that’s why people always do designs on plain fabric. I need to buy some navy thread and some of the yellow-green. Maybe more of a mix will help.

The cover was kind of loose to begin with since I didn’t pull the flaps as tightly as I should have before I sewed them, and now it’s a little lumpy because of all the knots and loose threads ends under it. It’s not really bad, but I notice it. Then again, I notice EVERYTHING when it comes to something I make.

I started another project today, but it failed miserably. I stopped before going too far with it, so I’m hoping to be able to save it after some research. I’ll keep you updated.