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Watertown Farmer’s Market

10 Sep

On Wednesday, S and I went to the farmer’s market while we were in Watertown. It’s weird to me that they have theirs in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week (it goes until 3pm every Wednesday until October.) but tons of people are always there.

It was really nice, but super windy. I think some of the vendors had left by the time we got there, and a few were sitting in  bare-bones booths. But we still found the standard market stuff:



And an unhealthy lunch to balance out those veggies I didn’t buy. (Also, how did I not take any pictures of fruit???)

The only thing I bought was some fudge. Like I said in my last post, we got a little fudge at the fair. John was like “Where do people even buy fudge when they’re NOT at the fair?” Well, I saw a fudge booth at the farmer’s market today and bought some. THAT is where you buy fudge when you’re not at the fair. 🙂


Superbowl Food

9 Feb

I wanted pizza last night for the big game, but I knew that ordering from a shop would take forever, and be pretty wasteful, since I didn’t finish the last pizza I bought myself. So, I decided to more or less make my own with what I had in the fridge!

Even though the snopocalypse didn’t hit the Rochester area much, (just some light snowfall) I didn’t want to venture out, so I used some whole wheat tortillas and some left over spaghetti sauce as my base. Then I just added cheese, folded my creation in half, and cooked in my George Forman until the cheese melted! Easy peasy!

I accented it with a glass of milk, some celery sticks, some dried cranberries, and some M&Ms, and I was ready to watch the commercials Saints go to victory!

Lunch Talk

4 Feb

With my being pregnant, I’ve begun to eat A LOT healthier. Which means I can’t go down to Sweet Dawn‘s anymore, and that I have to bring my own food from home. For the first trimester, I brought all pre-packaged stuff, and it made me so sad that I was creating so much waste! When I ate at Sweet Dawn’s, I would bring my own plate, so they didn’t have to use a Styrofoam container, but when I stopped going I had all kinds of containers to throw away:

  • plastic milk bottle a day
  • orange juice carton a day
  • protein drink bottle
  • yogurt containers
  • cottage cheese containers
  • apple sauce containers
  • plastic bags for my sandwiches
  • plastic bags for my carrot sticks
  • plastic bags for my celery sticks

I would look for containers to reuse, but I could only find the big “typical” Tupperware containers. That’s not what I wanted! I wanted something I could put cottage cheese and yogurt into! Truth be told, I have had a sandwich container for a while now, but I really should have bought more than one because I’m not all that great at washing it every day.  I also bought a snack container that I could put my carrots into, but again… issue with the lack of washing it.  :-/

When I was at Wegmans earlier this week though, I had a genius thought! Why not check the BABY section and see what they have??? And sure enough, I got a six pack of containers in the “yogurt” size that I wanted for $2.99. That’s what the orange container is.  The regular Tupperware ones were like $3.99 each. Win! Next time I go, I have to buy another pack so I can buy a big container of cottage cheese and do the same thing.

The pink container is awesome too. I got it at the dollar store, and it has two compartments in it. I use the bigger bottom section for my salad, and the top section for salad toppings (dried cranberries, cheese, cucumbers, etc.) and then I mix them in a bowl that I keep in my office.  Sometimes I put other snacks in there though, like today; I just had dried fruit.

I also bought a travel mug to put my orange juice in. I need to buy a couple more though, as I still need something to hold my milk and I would like to start bringing V8 juice to work. I used to bring little cans of it, but I stopped because the amount of trash in my garbage can was just too much for me to bear! This particular travel mug is nice because it comes 100% apart, so it’s really easy to clean. Once I get the other travel mugs, this one will become my milk mug.

Geez I eat a lot.  It’s 5:00 now and I’ve only got my apple and carrots left…and I’m about to eat the carrots!

John’s Lasagna

28 Dec

John made his lasagna. It was delicious.

He hasn’t been around my bloggy (heh) self enough though and felt weird that I was taking pictures of it all, so I didn’t get a picture of it when it was finished.

I Made Sushi! (Kinda)

17 Dec

John came home today for the Christmas holiday! He’ll be here until the 31st. 😀

I tried my hand at making some sushi. I have had this sushi making kit and Asian dining set for ages, but I avoided trying to make sushi because I didn’t know where to get sushi grade fish. So, I made carrot and cucumber rolls instead.

I used brown rice because that’s what I had, but I cooked it for a while to make it sticky. I ended up cutting waaaay too much cucumber and carrot. It was a pain to do since I didn’t want to use a grater or anything. I should have just cut up half the cucumber. Oh well.  I made rolls and then one cone for each of us.

It ended up being really messy, and the rolls didn’t want to stay together. I tried using water to make the seaweed sticky, I tried putting rice along one edge since that was sticky, but I ended up just having to smush it. Plus, I don’t think my knife was sharp enough, because it broke my rolls most of the time when I tried to cut them. That’s why you see those random edges of rice sticking out of my rolls.  😦

But they still tasted good, and I guess that’s what’s important, right?!

Hi, we’re from the internet

19 May

I met up with Stephanie, who saw my 20 Questions in the Insider, for lunch at Abyssinia today. I had never eaten Ethiopian food before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, my friend Jessica told me about when she went out an ate Ethiopian, so I guess I had a little but of an idea. But still, not really. I just knew there weren’t going to be forks.

And sure enough, no forks! Stephanie and I got “Special #1” which was made for two to share. The food was served on this pancake-like food, and the actual meat and veggies were on top. Then there were more pancake things rolled up in a basket, and you used those to pick up the food. It actually turn out to be pretty good! I had lamb for the first time and it is delicious. The beef (I think it was beef) was a little spicy for me though.  Also, that potato-looking thing is a hard boiled egg.  Raaaandom!

Us! And see Mom, I told you Stephanie was normal. 😉  We ended up taking a long lunch.  I was late to the meet-up and the servers were very…hands off, I guess you could say.

I used google maps to tell me how to get their and it was very very wrong.  Luckily I had my GPS with me, and I used that to get to the restaurant.  I think I could have walked there from work, so I’ll keep that in mind next time I want to go on another adventure downtown.

Free Pancakes!

24 Feb

Today is National Pancake Day! (Which, apparently… according to Wikipedia, has a religious background…) And that means free pancakes if you go to iHop!

I didn’t make it out for Denny’s free Grand Slam day, and I don’t think I’m going to make it out for today’s celebration. So sad. But, if you’re in the Rochester area, there will be an opportunity for you to donate money to the Children’s Miracle Network at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong.

Or, you could just go get pancakes.  (BTW – the picture above is from my dinner on Free Grand Slam Day.  John made pancakes and eggs for us becaues I was sad I couldn’t make it out to Denny’s.)