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Why hello there!

16 Jun

What a horrible blogger I am! I say that I have so much to say, and then I’m gone for a little over a month! Life and work really got hectic! And holy crap third trimester swollen feet.  Gross.  What’s worse is that I had pictures edited for three entries, and I never got the chance to post them! It’s ok though because I’m going to post them now, heh.  So at least I’ll have posts for today, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday!

John comes home on Thursday, (not tomorrow) and I can’t wait.  Also… that might mean that I’m gone again for a while.  Because, well, my due date is July 1st so who knows when the baby will pop out??  I have a feeling newborn baby does not equal blog entries, but who knows – maternity leave could leave me with all kinds of crazy time on my hands! Fingers crossed.

While my mom was up, she did some landscaping to prepare for my baby shower. She did all of this in ONE DAY, if you can believe it! Doesn’t it look nice? The red mulch is so vibrant! I’m happy to say that most of the flowers are still alive too! Only a couple of the types of flowers in that big blue pot died, (you can kind of see them in the first photo) and that is because I didn’t realize that she just stuck the pots they came in into the bigger pot, so I don’t think I actually ever watered them. Oops.

She also bought that big flag, which was blown off the house the day of my baby shower during a crazy strong wind storm. 😦 Ok, see you on Friday! 😀


Oh Crap.

10 Feb

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with deciding to slip cover my couch this weekend. Wish me luck in finishing it before John’s flight gets in at 11pm tomorrow!

December Daily

1 Dec

I’m going to try my hand at December daily. I’ve been a bad blogger lately, so hopefully some alliteration will be enough to motivate me. Just text for now, but hopefully I’ll be able to add pics on my lunch break tomorrow or something.

Life has been kicking my ass lately. I’ve never had a dog before, let alone a puppy, and let me tell you it is like raising a kid! “No, don’t eat that. Wait, what are you chewing on? Leave your sister alone! Gah, no you can’t pee (t)here!” And with John gone, I’m pretty much a single mom most of the time. But we’re doing ok. Kipp is doing well in her obedience classes, and we have puppy play time twice a week. (Although, we’ve been the only ones to show up most weeks. :-/) Hopefully Kipp will learn that Twilight’s hisses are not an invitation to play, and that Twilight doesn’t appreciate her tail being nibbled on; even if its waved in front of her face.

Work is work, and the end of November/beginning of December is always hectic for me because of Bid on Rochester. So I’ve got that killing my enthusiasm for crafting too.

I would love to sit on the couch and do some embroidery or hand sewing or knitting or something, but every time I get something out, Kipp thinks it’s a snack. *sigh* I didn’t even get the doll finished, which is crazy to me because a couple months ago it wouldn’t have been a problem at all. But now…

On a humorous note, I think I’ve taught Kipp to smack! Actually, I think it’s been a team effort on mine and Twilight’s part. Twilight has been a good babysitter, following Kipp around and generally letting me know when Kipp is up to no good. I don’t know if its a good thing that Twilight has taken it upon herself to punish Kipp when she’s being suspicious, but it sure is funny to see. Anyway, Kipp now smacks my arm or Twilight’s back when she is being ignored. Like “You’re supposed to hit others when they’re doing something you don’t want them to, right? Like, I want you to pay attention to me and you’re not so I can smack you, right?” Any hints on how to get her to stop? I’m sure it will be dangerous when she’s older.

So, daily December. Hopefully I will find a way to get you done and get back to crafting. Fingers crossed!

Pet Spam

19 Nov

Just some random pictures of my pets because I can. 🙂

Yard Talk

26 Aug

I could have split this into a bunch of different posts… but I’m not going to. One of my neighbors brought over a bunch of raspberry bushes. Such a sweet old lady. When I finally planted them, I hoped for the best. I noticed that there was a teeny bit of tree stump left in the area I wanted to plant the raspberry bush in, so I just planed the little guys around it.

The smallest of the plants are starting to wither up though. I don’t know if I waited too long to plant them, or if it’s the tree stump that’s the cause, or if they just don’t like the dirt I put them in. I try to water them… maybe I’m over watering them? I don’t know. The larger ones seem fine. :-/

On the bright side though, yesterday, I noticed that my cherry tomato plant had a couple red tomatoes on it! Awesome! I meant to pick them yesterday, but forgot. Tonight, I guess.

In other yard work news, I spent a good part of the summer cleaning up the plants that were already in my yard. I trimmed the hedges on all sides of my house, and dug up the broken lights on the front right side. (I haven’t gotten to the front left side yet.) I don’t know how to fully get rid of them though… they aren’t plugged in like normal; there is just a box on the side of my house. *sigh*

I am wondering if it’s possible to trim shrubs too closely… patches of some of mine are turning brown. It’s really weird and not what I wanted.

For two weeks, on Friday, (but not last Friday) someone would come and mow my lawn! It was the weirdest thing! My lawn wasn’t over grown or anything… In fact, the days they mowed were the same days I had planned to mow.

I actually came home from work the second Friday to mow, instead of just going out with friends after work, and was almost upset that it was mowed. Just because I came all the way home for nothing. But that was dumb, so instead of being mad, I made a thank you sign at the end of my driveway with sidewalk chalk that wound up in my backyard somehow.

And I think that catches me up on all yard-related updates.  Some of the flowers I planted over Memorial Day weekend have died by now, so I am contemplating buying some replacement flowers.  But it might be too late in the summer at this point.  Thoughts?

New Norman Rockwell Prints

4 Aug

I won an auction on ebay for a set of 4 wooden plaques with Norman Rockwell prints on them, and they came on Friday. So on Sunday, I hung them up in the kitchen.

LOVE!  LOL, can you guess which ones are new?

PS: Update on Dune tomorrow!


23 Jul

My garage door is broken. This picture doesn’t show it well, because I had already started working on it when I decided to take pictures of the whole thing, but the roller on one side came off the track. It looked easy enough to fix, so I got a wrench and took off the thing that holds on the roller, put the roller back on the track, and reattached the holder to the door.

I thought I was set! I sat in my car, fully prepared to be super proud of myself, and I pushed the garage door button to close the door so I could go to work.

The door came down crooked. Ut-oh! So I stopped it, sent it back up, and now almost ALL of the rollers on the other side of the door look like they’re going to fall off. They were fine when I made my fix. It’s scary looking.

The repair man will be here between one and three. Looks like I’m working from home today!