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On Hiatus

15 Feb

I really put this blog on hiatus in December, but I didn’t get the chance to post this until now, which kind of gives you an idea of how much free time I have right now.

John deployed to Afghanistan in November, and I’m still working full time, so every free moment is dedicated to the baby. I love spending time with him, so it wasn’t hard to give up crafting, but I do miss it some times. It was nice to get away and just create.

I started up a Mommy blog, when John left, because it’s a lot easier to blog about what you’ve done, then it is to do something worth blogging about.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about what I want  to do with this space, and am researching on how to move blogs over to my domain. So, when I come back, things’ll be really different around here! I’m hoping that this time off will help me realize which areas of craft I’m really passionate about, so I can focus on those and get really good at them, instead of being a jack of all trades, master of none.

I think this break will be good for me, and I’ll see you guys later! Feel free to follow along with what’s going on with me on the Mommy blog!



Happy Anniversary!

14 Sep

John and I have been married two years today. You can read about our first anniversary here.

I’m so grateful to actually be with John today. He is going to try to get out of work early (which is still 5pm, lol) and we’re going to go out to a nice dinner.

I am torn between two dresses I want to wear, and I need your help deciding! Please leave a comment picking one of the dresses below, and note that I’m on the hunt for a cropped sweater like the red one to wear with the pastel dress. Thanks!

Despite them looking very different on the hanger, both dresses have about the same shape once on me. (Both dresses are fitted at the top, and have a-line skirts.) The red has a racer back, and the pastel one has a fuller skirt.

PS: Thanks for the reminder, facebook! (lol)

NY State Fair!

8 Sep

John and I took S to his first NY State Fair on Monday. It was John’s first NYS Fair too, and we almost didn’t go! John didn’t want to go on Thursday, and we didn’t feel like driving over the weekend, but we were finally game on Labor Day, which was the last day of the fair.

We got there kind of late, so I wanted to make sure that we did my “musts”: Sand sculpture, butter sculpture, 25 cent milk, animals, and fair food! (I had a fried haddock sandwich and a funnel cake. John had a grilled chicken sandwich and strawberry ice cream with strawberries on top. I got a little bite of fudge too, which we shared. Yummy!)

We were able to do all of it except see the animals because they were gone by the time we got there. 😦 I was pretty dissapointed; I wanted cute pictures of S with the animals! S did look like he enjoyed himself though. I carried him in his Moby, which was awesome because it made it a lot easier to maneuver around the crowd. After we ate, he just poked his head out and looked around. It was pretty cute.

All in all, it was a good time, and it didn’t rain or anything. (Well, a couple droplets fell, but it didn’t rain.) We stopped for a while to watch this funny German comedian/juggler guy do things like juggle fire and balance a chainsaw on his chin and then we headed home. Good quick trip to the fair!

Highland Park Diner

25 Jun

Whenever my parents come up, I always try to bring them to something “Rochester.” While my mom was up visiting in May, we went to the Highland Park Diner. She LOVED it. (Which is good, because she wasn’t a fan of John’s Tex Mex, which is a sad thing indeed.) I had never been there before, even though I’ve driven past it a million times.

The diner was apparently made in the 40s, and has been voted Rochester’s “Best Diner” for a number of years. My mom got the corned beef hash and said it was very good.

I got a ham, cheese, and egg sandwich with some home fries, all of which were very good. I would recommend this to anyone that comes by. Just add some extra time for parking; their lot is small, so you might have to hunt around for street parking if you go around lunch time.

Dad & Pat’s Trip

28 Apr

Here are some pictures from when my dad and brother were up for a visit:

The first project of the Mario Brothers nursery! YAY! You might remember my inspiration piece for this. Well, the hills at the top and the back of the bookcase are going to be painted like the hills here, the sides and the shelves will be white, (I suppose they should probably be brown/tan, but no.) and the cubby that my dad is by (holding the door up since it wasn’t attached yet) will be painted like this. Dad is probably going to be mad that I put the picture of him on the blog, but he doesn’t look weird in it. He should be proud of his creation! It’s really just great. 😀

I’ve already primed most of this, and I hope this weekend is warm so I can finish painting it.

We also went to visit my cousin and her husband (my second cousin, Julia, was at her grandmother’s house, so we didn’t see her.) and went out to dinner.  It was nice, but I didn’t take any pictures but this as we were getting off the thruway.

Mostly we just hung out around the house.  I felt bad because I couldn’t really take off any time from work (saving it for the baby and all) but my dad accomplished a LOT while I was gone.

  • Fixed my leaky toilet
  • Took apart my dryer and put it back together b/c he couldn’t find out why it wasn’t heating up.  Doing this somehow fixed whatever the problem was…
  • Washed plenty of dishes
  • Did two loads of laundry to prove that the dryer really was fixed and it wasn’t a fluke.  (Although, I haven’t used it yet so we shall see if it just likes him…)
  • Fixed the baseboard in the nursery and attached the vent to the wall (It wouldn’t stay in before.)
  • Cleaned my gutters on the first floor
  • Got my car washed and vacuumed the inside of it
  • Played with Kipp
  • Re-caulked the shower and took off the water saver from the shower head.  I thought we had poor water pressure, but apparently it was the shower head?
  • Put together the Mario bookcase!  (Well, the bookcase itself was from craigslist, but he cut out and  added the hills/put together the cubby.)
  • Fixed my Christmas tree.  (Kipp had chewed through the cord, naughty puppy.)

I feel like there is more, but I can’t think of what else to add…  Still, quite the impressive list, no?

And this picture is for you, Mom.  The twins in front of the Easter Egg Tree.   I left it up just for their trip.  Like our awkward “forced kid photo” faces?

Spring Flowers

13 Apr

Sorry I haven’t been posting much; life has been mildly hectic. My basement flooded, I haven’t been sleeping well, and when I’ve been up to doing stuff, I’ve been getting the house ready for my dad and brother to come visit me next week!

So, for now, here are some pictures of flowers that I took over the weekend while Kipp and I were on a walk. I would have a nice sunset picture to go along with it, but they all came out blurry. Trying to take a picture with an impatient puppy who just wants to GO is hard!

Twilight Picspam

22 Mar

Twilight usually sleeps next to me, but sometimes…

… She gets a little too up-close and personal. Good morning, Twilight.