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Kids’ Clothing Week.

13 Sep

I think I’m going to try to participate in Kid’s clothing week over at elsie marley.

I’m going to try at least one of the following tutorials I found over at Prudent Baby:

Non-clothes items I want to try at some time:

I love Prudent Baby.


Rochester is Awesome, Sami.

17 Aug

My sister wants to go to grad school in Boston, but I think she should go to RIT and move in with me. She thinks Rochester is too small, but I’m going to show her how awesome it is WITH THIS POST.

So Sam, these are just SOME of the cool things to do in Rochester!

(image source)

Coffee Houses: Spot . Javas . Boulder . Starry Nites . Spin Caffe

Farmer’s Markets: Downtown . Chili. South Wedge

Shopping: Greece Ridge . Eastview . Marketplace . Southtown . Park Point . Record Archive . House of Guitars . Craft Company No. 6

(image source)

Tons of Festivals: 10 Ugly Men . East End . Fairport Music Festival . Party in the Park . Taste of Rochester . Lilac Festival . The Big Rib . Irish Festival . Twestival . Maple Festival

Sports: Red Wings (baseball) . Americans (hockey) . Rhinos (soccer) . Roc City Roller Derby . Buffalo Bills (football) . Buffalo Sabres (hockey) . SU sports

Hip Areas: East & Alexander . Monroe Ave . Park Ave

(image source)

Night life: The Old Toad . Tap & Mallet . Lux . Murphy’s Law . O’Callaghan’s . The Bug Jar . Vinyl . One . Tilt . Look Ah Hookah . The Comedy Club

Concerts: Darien Lake . CMAC . Blue Cross Arena . Waterstreet Music Hall

Cool Restaurants: John’s Tex Mex . Mamasan’s . Jines . Salena’s . California Rollin’ . Donuts Delite . Lorraine’s . Dogtown Hots . Dinosaur BBQ

(image source)

Museums: Memorial Art Gallery @ U of R . Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) . Renaissance Art Gallery . Strong Museum of Play

Movie Theaters: The Little . Pittsford Cinema . Tinseltown . Movies 10 . Regal Greece . Regal Henrietta . Cinema Theatre

Theaters: Geva . RBTL . Downstairs Cabaret

Craft Fairs: Second Storie . Mayday Underground . Hearts & Crafts . Salt City Urban Art & Craft Market

(image source)


Summer: Camping . Hiking . Sailing . Fruit picking

Fall: Apple picking . Pumpkin patches . Haunted houses . Zombie Walk . Ghost Tours

Winter: Snowboarding/Skiing . Snow tubing . Ice skating

Parks: Durand-Eastman Park . Cobbs Hill . Highland Park . Ellison Park . Greece Canal Park . Ontario Beach Park

What more could you want?! Sure, you can’t walk everywhere, but with the exception of the skiing and camping (etc), everything is a 15/20 minute drive, and there is NEVER any traffic, so it’s a breeze!

thredUP – Know About It?

11 Feb

This site looks interesting, but I’m not sure I like the price involved with it. Not that it’s a bad price, just that there is a price at all. I’m not sure I would use it enough to make it worth it. I’m assuming it works like Netflix, but I’m not sure…

So, anyone out there familiar with it or use it? Is it as awesome as it seems like it could be?

Inspiration from the Library: Scrapbooking

8 Feb

One more blog about inspiration I found from a book in the library. This time, it was “501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas” (ISBN: 1892127520) and the pages above are my favorites from it. I numbers them so I could say why.

1. I liked the way that the creator used the little teeny pictures to kind of frame the larger, main picture.  Since I know how to make little teeny pictures, there’s no reason why I couldn’t do this too!

2. I liked how they used vintagy-papers to fill up the page.  I see vintage papers on etsy all the time, but never really understood how they could be useful until now.  (Silly, I know.)

3. The circle/ring made of paper with the little circle pictures just kills me!

4. This is so girly I love it.  Their use of ribbon and butterflies is just perfect.

Other notes I took while looking through this book:

  • Use stencils & marker to write out title of page right on the background paper.  It creates a cool, kind of see-through effect on the letters.  Paint is neat too, but might weight down paper?
  • Tear the bottom edge of your photo border, and make border a little taller than needed to you can fit journaling above the tear.  (Does this one make sense to you readers, or just me?)

And again, a larger photo and one of the cover are over in my new Flickr account.

PS: Oh crap, I forgot a page in my collage, and I’m too lazy to go back and add it. (lol) I like this one because of the way it uses smaller pictures and cool paper.

Letter From Kipp

9 Dec

Dear Daddy,

I would really like one of these.  You should make me one.  Jumping is fun.  Even more so because Mommy gets really mad that she can’t get me jumping through the hoop.  I’m super fast you know.

Love, Kipp.

Things I would like to accomplish

8 May

I don’t have any recent pictures that could be related to this topic, so scattered throughout this entry will be cute pictures of my second cousin, who had her first communion last Sunday. I hope you don’t mind.

My friends have all been whisking me away during my nights so I don’t get lonely. I have plans to go to the Lilac Festival tonight, and on Saturday, Leah and I are garage sale-ing and going to a comedy club. Then, I will be attending a “Swine Flu themed” party, hilariously entitled “Hamdemic 2009: Aporkalypse Now!” So, a busy couple of days. Tonight, whenever I get home, I want to try cleaning a little bit. If no other room, then at least the kitchen. I haven’t done dishes in a loooong time. And laundry. It will be sad washing John’s clothes, knowing he won’t be wearing them for years…

But, back to the subject at hand. I plan on watching a lot less TV now that John is gone (although my TiVo Season Pass Manager begs to differ…) and have big plans on crafting, thrifting, and other things that I don’t normally do. I have budgeted myself $50 a month, starting in June, that I must spend either on the house, or myself.

I would like to make…

  • Plush dolls. I can only make really simple ones, and would love to be able to master some more 3 dimensional types.
  • Crochet flowers. Really, I would love to be able to crochet anything. I just can’t make sense out of the instructions I have.
  • A custom wordpress layout for a blog hosted over at Again, I cannot make heads or tails out of directions I’ve read. Because it’s an ugly mess, it is currently not linked from anywhere.
  • Those wooden doll houses I blogged about a while ago. But I’ll have to wait until my dad comes up so he can cut the wood for me. I didn’t get a chance to draw out what I wanted before John left. 😦
  • Some small, simple paintings. It’s been a while since I lifted a brush to something other than a wall.
  • The second curtain for the study. This would be the same second curtain that I never made for the living room in the townhouse…
  • I WANT TO MAKE A GARDEN. Not a single spring flower grew outside of my house this Spring! Summer will not repeat this.

Things I would like to buy…

  • Cute table cloths for my kitchen and dining room tables (maybe I’ll make these…)
  • Two corner hutches/cabinets for the corners in my dining room
  • Nice prints for my studio. I already have a bunch picked out on etsy.
  • Curtains for the bedroom. Right now I have unfinished yardage that is pinned together at the top to keep it from falling down… not acceptable.
  • Prints of all my wedding photos! Well, maybe not ALL of them, but I finally used my Bed Bath & Beyond gift card to buy a photo collage frame, so now I need to pick out photos that I want and get them printed!
  • THIS
  • and THIS couch OMG I want it so badly. BOUGHT!
  • And this, but I can’t justify the cost let alone the cost + shipping


25 Feb

I woke up from a nightmare last night and couldn’t get back to sleep, so my mind started to wander.  I received the latest issue of Stuffed Magazine (thanks mom!) earlier that day and was excited about all the cool plush, but sad over still having a broken sewing machine.  Some of the dolls that intrigued me the most in the magazine were the ones that people had painted onto.

I have been wanting to get back into painting, as I used to really like it in college.  But alas, no sewing machine. And I had enough hand sewing with my Birds of Change.  So now what?  Then, my little dollhouse popped into my head.

I bought this dollhouse, with the little people, and everything in it for $3 at a garage sale when my mom was up last year. The woman who was holding the sale said that she brought it over from Germany, and I knew I had to take it home. The little people didn’t have arms, but some string and a few knots fixed that right up.

I started thinking of all the things I would do to the dollhouses I’d buy. I picked out paint colors and roof styles, and wondered if scrapbook paper would make good wall paper. (I think it would.) Today, I started looking online for little dollhouse kits. But the only ones I could find were these super fancy, expensive ones. I just wanted a simple little house like the one I had. Why can’t I find that? I don’t want to paint the one I have; I want a different one!

Does anyone know of any places I should look? I even thought about cutting out the pieces myself, but I am really afraid of power tools, so I don’t think that would work so well. *sigh*