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How to Make Infant Legwarmers from Ankle Socks

18 Oct

Why is it that it always takes me like 3 weeks to settle in once something changes in my life? And it always results in a blog break. Ah, well.

You may remember, a while back, that I wanted to participate in the Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge. I knew that there was no way I was going to make a different item every day, but I wanted to at least make one thing for S. I ended up choosing one of Prudent Baby’s tutorials, Baby legwarmers from a pair of socks. I had to modify it though, since the tutorial seemed like it was for larger babies/toddlers.

And so, I present to you, my tutorial for infant leg warmers from ankle socks!

Since this was the first time I was trying out this tutorial, I didn’t want to invest in really fancy socks, so I got this pair of socks at the dollar store.

1. Cut off the toes and discard.

2. Fold over the edges twice & sew to cover the rough edge.

3. Try the legwarmers on your baby to see if the top part fits. CAREFULLY make note of how big your little ones ankles/calves are & where you need to sew on the bottom. I drew on my picture to better illustrate where the stitches would go. The left sock hasn’t been sewn or cut yet, the right one has.

4. Cut along the seam in the ankle. Turn sock inside out and pinch opening closed until the ankle part is pretty much gone. Sew opening closed and trim of excess, so there is a straight(ish) tube. Left sock above has only been cut & the right one as been cut and sewn.

5. There will be a seam running up the back of the legging and another one running across the top under the elastic, but these never bothered me because the top seam gets tucked under his knee and they’re both in the back, so they aren’t really noticeable.

But that’s it! Pretty quick little infant legwarmers from ankle socks. I love seeing S hang out in them. I was surprised how warm they keep his feet. He doesn’t even need socks a lot of the time! (When we’re in the house, of course.)

If you make some for your little one, I’d love to see them!


It’s Friday Already???

27 Aug

How did it get to be Friday already?? I’ll be honest – I spent all week sitting on the couch next to John, making digital scrapbook pages and scouring for diapers fro S. Well, that’s how MOST of the week was spent, anyway. I have also been doing some sewing, but I want to wait until it’s all done to show you guys. So until then, some hints:

Three pictures, three different projects for the same thing. Can you guess what I’m working on?

PS: It’s my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!

Cloth Diaper Inserts

20 Aug

I am trying cloth diapers with S. I bought a bunch of different brands from people off craigslist, and so far I really like Kissaluvs because they are the smallest, so they fit him the best and are less bulky. A lot of the ones that are supposed to fit the baby the whole time they wear diapers are SO bulky! These, since they’re for newborns, aren’t. They’re still bulkier than disposables, but they’re not bad.

However, since those are made with …organic cotton? Cotton fleece? (I don’t know for sure since they’re second hand.) and my guy is a little pee-er, I found that I could only keep him in the diaper an hour before he would need to be changed. I really wanted him to be good for at least two hours. My other diaper brands have inserts, so I thought I’d make him a couple for the Kissaluvs.

Actually, they’re kind of like maxi pads, aren’t they? (lol) I used fabrics from my stash – some checkerboard fabric for the outside, and fleece, and knit (like sweater knit, not t-shirt knit) fabric for the absorbent middle.  Then I sewed around the edges and quilted the main part. I had never quilted anything before, and I think you can see that in the oval stitching. I wasn’t going to worry about it though, since they were just going on my baby’s butt.

I wasn’t sure how absorbent these would be, and I wanted to wait until I had bias tape on the sides to try them out, but I got too impatient. They ended up buying me half an hour, so I think if I make the next batch a little thicker, I’ll be in good shape!

Now I just need to buy a bias tape maker!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

13 Mar

The city of Rochester’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was today, and I worked it in the 106.7 KISS-FM SUV. John and Kipp came with me! We always end up waiting for an hour before our car moves in the parade, so I bought along a project to work on; a cape for Kipp! I had all the letters cut out and pinned beforehand, so all I needed to do was sew on the letters.

The cape is an old Halloween cape I bought on clearance last year. Somewhere along the way though, I lost the green embroidery thread. So, I hastily sewed on the white letters with white embroidery thread. In my hast I sewed the “U” on wrong! Whoops. Oh well, when I go over it with the green thread, I’ll fix it… until then, it’s kinda like an LOLcat picture, right?

Kipp didn’t mind it, but it kept slipping to her side. I might have to add some ribbons to tie it around her belly. Do you think that would help?

Slipcover Progress

8 Mar

This is the state of the couch as of this morning. The black blob over to the left side is the cover for the right side of the couch.

As you can see, that blob actually looks pretty nice once it’s on the couch. I hope to finish sewing up the other one tonight. I still have to shop around for the contrasting fabric for the cushions.  And that’s the progress!


5 Mar

I’ve been away for far too long. I wanted to post this on Monday, but work has been CRAZY these past couple weeks! We had a Studio D this week and last, plus it’s auction time once again. Which makes my work days hectic like woah. But I’ve finally caught up with everything and have returned to my position of not being able to do anything until I get more info. Whew! So, on with Monday’s blog post:


I finally made some progress on the couch slip cover! On Saturday, I finished the pattern and flipped it out and put it on the couch – fit like a glove! You can kind of guess how I made the pattern from my last post about the couch – just lay the cheapie $1 a yard fabric right side down on the couch, pinch/pin around the edges, and cut off excess. Then I hand stitched where the pins were because I both ran out of pins and thought it would be more secure when I needed to flip the thing over to see if it fit.

The next day (I spent the rest of Saturday just being smitten that the pattern fit) I cut out my hand stitching (soooo much quicker than cutting machine stitching!) and brought the pattern pieces upstairs to the near-empty, future-nursery. I bought a couple king sized sheets to use as the real fabric and was very relived to see that the pattern pieces fit. I didn’t have enough for the cushion, but I planned on making that a contrasting fabric anyway, so it’s ok. To make the pieces for the other side of the couch, I just flipped over my pattern pieces. The couch is symmetrical, so I’m thinking that should work… right?

While I worked, the kids watched me through the baby gate. LOVE that baby gate. It saved me from having them walk around my stuff… for a while anyway. Eventually, Kipp started to invade Twilight’s space too much and she retaliated, so I had to separate them.  Which is why you see her in the pattern photos.

I ended the day pinning and machine sewing the fabric pieces onto one half of the couch. It’s not done yet. I wanted to at least get the half sewn before the weekend, but this week tuckered me out. I was in bed by 9, 9:30pm every night. I didn’t even take pictures of my progress, that’s how tired I was. It’s looking pretty good though.  The arm is a little wrinkly on the inside, but you can’t really tell once the cushion is on. I LOVE the way the couch looks covered.

I’m hoping to get the whole thing done this weekend because John comes home again on Wednesday! This will be the last time he’s home before the baby is born, so this is my last shot!

Inspiration from the Library: Plush

5 Feb

I went to the library last week and got out some books, so I thought I would share a couple of them with you. I think I want to try out these patterns this weekend, but we’ll see. I always get nervous about plush toys. They just seem so difficult!

The first is “The Cute Book” by Aranzi Aronzo. (ISBN: 9781932234688) This looks like it won’t be hard since the arms and legs are just flat pieces of felt. I could make one of these little guys pretty easily, I think.

The second is “Sewing Tiny Toys” by Carolyn Vosburg Hall. (ISBN: 0873417879) This one looks like it would be more challenging, and makes me a little nervous. Were you surprised that I chose pandas to try and make? You shouldn’t have been!

I scanned in the covers of the books and the pattern pages, and uploaded them over to my new Flickr account that I made just for this blog. I don’t have many friends over there, and I’d love it if you added me!

Happy weekend!