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5 May

My mom and sister are going to be here tomorrow!  Hopefully their being here will inspire me to take some photos.

The weather has been so yucky this past week… I hope it gets better.  (But I don’t think it will.  Sadness!)

I have tomorrow and Wednesday off.  Hooray!  I really need a break.

Sorry about the text only post.



9 Apr

My future mother in law left this morning to go back to FL. Real posts will begin again…hopefully on Friday.

Oh, why hello there!

31 Mar

March is national craft month! How could I have missed blogging during national craft month?! I have been thinking about what I want from this blog, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t post every day. Never mind that I don’t quite have that much time… but I don’t think I’m interesting enough for everyday! lol So I’m going to shoot for M-W-F updates.

John’s mom is coming to visit from FL on Friday, so this week will be full of getting the house ready for her arrival. I want to FINALLY get those curtains done (I know, right? I’ve been saying that forever) as well as hem the edges of the new table cloth I made for the kitchen, and (if time permits) recover the lounge chair my parents bought in the 70s. I took the old crazy navy fur, no I’m not kidding fabric off over the weekend, and my hands still hurt from pulling out all those staples!

I’ve been tagged by kloh to do a book meme!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment here once you post it to your blog so I can come see!

Ok, so here are my nerdy, nerdy answers.
1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
2. Check
3. If a paladin has a “holy sword: (a special magical sword which your referee is aware of and will explain if the opportunity arises), he or she projects a circle of power 10 feet in diameter when the weapon is unsheathed and held.
4. This power dispels magic at the level of magic use equal to the experience level of the paladin. At 9th level paladins gain the ability to employ cleric spells (see Table 32). They many never use scrolls or spells, however, except those normally usable by fighters.
5. hmm…will have to do this tomorrow.

Sorry for the text only post guys, but I thought checking in would be better than nothing!


9 Mar

I hate spring forward.

Real Post To Follow

25 Feb

Pretty much the whole web department is sick.

Quote of the day from Sean, my co-worker: “I’m pretty sure we can get both Matt and Laurie sick if we are in the same room with them.”

LOL, he might be right. Matt, our boss, told us both to finish up whatever we are currently working on and go home because we “look like crap. Seriously.”

The Blogasphere has Blogger’s Block!

22 Feb

I guess I’m taking a slightly unannounced break until Monday. I had too much work to do over the week, and the cold that I was trying to ignore finally caught up to me. I’m home from work today, but will most likely be asleep the whole time. Maybe I’ll do a little hand embroidery.

Is it wrong that I feel better about this sudden lapse in entries since it seems like a lot of other blogs are suffering the same? This week a lot of people took breaks. Must be something in the air. See you Monday.

Update: To Do List

17 Feb

I spent waaaay too long playing LOTRs today, lol. But I did do some work on my list:

Here is my to-do list for this weekend:

1. Exercise Saturday & Sunday
2. Sew cover for work planner
3. Go to wedding site
4. Grocery shopping
5. Go to movie
6. Eat dinner out
7. Laundry
8. Vaccum (John)
9. Dust
10. Clean tub
11. Hem curtain
12. Install Lord of the Rings game
13. Blog Saturday & Sunday
14. Clean downstairs bathroom
15. Dishes (John)

I still have to exercise though…ugh (not going to happen)