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The Pyrex Collective

15 Sep

I was originally going to post this here, asking if anyone knew about this piece; if it was Pyrex, etc, but then I found The Pyrex Collective, and a post that included a lid just like mine!

I thought the idea of a group of people blogging about Pyrex was so cool, and I wanted IN! So I emailed Erin asking if I could join, and she said yes! I wrong my first post yesterday detailing how my Pyrex love* started, and going into the “history” of this piece.


*Weird that I love Pyrex, but never posted about it here, right? Well, that’s because this summer is the ONLY time I’ve ever found Pyrex while thrifting, despite keeping my eye out for it for YEARS, and I haven’t blogged about those pieces yet.


Garage Sale Shopping!

18 Aug

Before you ask, sometimes it is boring staying at home with a newborn all day. And when you have fun blocks like these, how can you NOT build a castle on top of a changing table for your blog photos?

I have a few things that I’ve thrifted lately that I wanted to show off, but I haven’t photographed them yet, so I’ll just stick to my latest garage sale finds. Usually, I browse people’s driveways looking for baby clothes, since S doesn’t fit into a whole lot of his yet. He is in an awkward stage where, despite his 8+lbs weight, he is too small for some newborn items, too small for pretty much all 0-3month items, and too big for preemie stuff. So I bring a onesie that fits him in my diaper bag and hold it up to stuff that I find.

This time though, I found toys he won’t be able to play with for years. *facepalm*

Driving back from my doctor’s office last Friday, I saw this little sale with a bunch of kid’s items in it and pulled over. One of the items was a set of two garbage bags FILLED with these cool cardboard blocks. I remember playing with these when I was little and wanted them for S. I hesitated, since it would be so long until he can play with them, but one of the bags had the original $4 price scribbled out, and $3.50 written next to it, so how could I resist?

I got to talking with the woman running the sale and she was saying that her son (who was running around, suggesting things for me to buy, lol.) had gone through all of his toys to find things he could sell because he was saving up to buy a train set. Adorable! NOW how can I not get these blocks?! I looked in my wallet and saw that I didn’t have the change and said I would go to my car to get it. The mom asked her son if they could just sell it to me for $3. The kid looked pained and said “But…but…” I laughed and said I would go get the 50 cents.

They were also selling a wooden train set like the kind I had when I was little for $8, and I am kind of kicking myself for not getting it. I just didn’t want to blow all of my money on the first sale I went to. 😦

At the second sale I went to, I got this awesome Ninja Turtles toy chest. It had a $7 sticker on it, which was more than I wanted to pay. I decided to play the fate game and offered the lady $5 for it. I usually hate people who barter at garage sales, so I never do, but the lady said sure, so it is mine! It’s in pretty good condition for its age, but the lady put the price tag on the top picture, so when I took it off, it took some of the design with it. Boo. 😦

I love that I can go to Friday garage sales now!

Thrifting Buddy Needed!

18 Sep

I am on the hunt for a formal dress for John’s OCS formal! I would like something unique, and not crazy expensive. So I’m thinking of finding something used, and maybe altering it? Or maybe not if it’s awesome to begin with.

So I did some research and found these places to look:

Thrift Stores

  • Salvation Army – opens @ 9:00
    535 East Ridge Road & 745 West Avenue
  • Goodwill – opens @ 10am
    376 Jefferson Road & 1518 West Ridge Road & 451 South Clinton Avenue
  • Thrifty Shopper – opens @ 9:00
    400 Jefferson Rd
  • Volunteers of America – opens @ 9:00
    214 Lake Ave. & 89 Canal St.
  • Second Season Clothing (Even though they advertise on PXY, blech!) – opens @ 10:00
    1555 Mt. Hope Ave – haha I found you online not through radio suckas

Estate Sales

  • 321 Cedar Place in East Rochester 10am
  • 1226 Stafford Cresent in Webster 9am to 3pm
  • 12 Foxtail Lane in North Chili 10am-5pm
  • 80 Sandbury Drive in Pittsford 8am-2pm
  • 2981 Mt. Read Blvd. in Rochester 9am-5pm – numbers given out at 8am (!)

So… anyone want to go with me??  If you do, leave me a comment and I’ll email you tomorrow.


25 Feb

I woke up from a nightmare last night and couldn’t get back to sleep, so my mind started to wander.  I received the latest issue of Stuffed Magazine (thanks mom!) earlier that day and was excited about all the cool plush, but sad over still having a broken sewing machine.  Some of the dolls that intrigued me the most in the magazine were the ones that people had painted onto.

I have been wanting to get back into painting, as I used to really like it in college.  But alas, no sewing machine. And I had enough hand sewing with my Birds of Change.  So now what?  Then, my little dollhouse popped into my head.

I bought this dollhouse, with the little people, and everything in it for $3 at a garage sale when my mom was up last year. The woman who was holding the sale said that she brought it over from Germany, and I knew I had to take it home. The little people didn’t have arms, but some string and a few knots fixed that right up.

I started thinking of all the things I would do to the dollhouses I’d buy. I picked out paint colors and roof styles, and wondered if scrapbook paper would make good wall paper. (I think it would.) Today, I started looking online for little dollhouse kits. But the only ones I could find were these super fancy, expensive ones. I just wanted a simple little house like the one I had. Why can’t I find that? I don’t want to paint the one I have; I want a different one!

Does anyone know of any places I should look? I even thought about cutting out the pieces myself, but I am really afraid of power tools, so I don’t think that would work so well. *sigh*

Thrift Store Shopping!

2 Mar

1. I bought some new minis! I moved the little cup and saucer with it’s matching tea pot, and I really like them a lot together!

2. I got the little pitcher and base as well as those little animals.

3. My mom used to collect those kinds of animals, so they reminded me of her. The little plate is one of the ones I had sitting in the diamond shelf. I think it makes a nice little bed for the puppy!

4. I really need to figure out what to do with this shelf. I want to make it a box again, but John likes the diamond. It is cool like that, just not very practical. Maybe if I find a bigger plate…

5. These are the items I DIDN’T get. This one reads “Home Rules: If you sleep on it – make it up. If you wear it – hang it up. If you drop it – pick it up. If you eat out of it – put it in the sink. If you step on it – wipe it off. If you open it – close it. If you empty it – fill it up. If it rings – answer it. If it howls – feed it. If it cries – love it.” I’m really regretting not getting this. I’ll have to try my hand at recreating it.

6. Haha I’m actually regretting not getting this too. It was only 99 cents. And where do you find burnt wood carrot plaques?! Nowhere!

7. This I took a picture of, and never even considered taking it home. Creepy!

8. I bought this one, which is why I said no to the other two plaques. I was hoping that the text was in German or Galic (since that would work for either John’s heritage or mine.) but when I got home, google told me it was Swedish. Oh well. It still looks cool. The text says “Give us our daily bread.”