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Happy Anniversary!

14 Sep

John and I have been married two years today. You can read about our first anniversary here.

I’m so grateful to actually be with John today. He is going to try to get out of work early (which is still 5pm, lol) and we’re going to go out to a nice dinner.

I am torn between two dresses I want to wear, and I need your help deciding! Please leave a comment picking one of the dresses below, and note that I’m on the hunt for a cropped sweater like the red one to wear with the pastel dress. Thanks!

Despite them looking very different on the hanger, both dresses have about the same shape once on me. (Both dresses are fitted at the top, and have a-line skirts.) The red has a racer back, and the pastel one has a fuller skirt.

PS: Thanks for the reminder, facebook! (lol)


Happy Anniversary

14 Sep

John and I were married a year ago today.

He is in the field today, so I went up over Labor Day weekend so we could celebrate it. In case you were wondering, it is possible, and not even problematic, to bring wedding cake slices onto a Delta flight.

It was fun, and I loved seeing him, but it’s hard being at work knowing he’s not at home to greet me when I’m done for the day. I don’t even know if he’ll be able to call me. He asked his cadre (spelling?) if he can and we have our fingers crossed. We’ll see.

It’s been an interesting year.  I love you John.  I miss you.

I’m going to go home, maybe mow the lawn, and work on his blanket.  I’m hoping to have it done for his graduation, but we’ll see.  When all of you look at me, confused, when I say I want to make him a patchwork knitted blanket, think this.  I have a Netflix movie, but it’s about a wedding, and I couldn’t get through it last week.  Maybe this week I’ll be stronger.