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5 Mar

I’ve been away for far too long. I wanted to post this on Monday, but work has been CRAZY these past couple weeks! We had a Studio D this week and last, plus it’s auction time once again. Which makes my work days hectic like woah. But I’ve finally caught up with everything and have returned to my position of not being able to do anything until I get more info. Whew! So, on with Monday’s blog post:


I finally made some progress on the couch slip cover! On Saturday, I finished the pattern and flipped it out and put it on the couch – fit like a glove! You can kind of guess how I made the pattern from my last post about the couch – just lay the cheapie $1 a yard fabric right side down on the couch, pinch/pin around the edges, and cut off excess. Then I hand stitched where the pins were because I both ran out of pins and thought it would be more secure when I needed to flip the thing over to see if it fit.

The next day (I spent the rest of Saturday just being smitten that the pattern fit) I cut out my hand stitching (soooo much quicker than cutting machine stitching!) and brought the pattern pieces upstairs to the near-empty, future-nursery. I bought a couple king sized sheets to use as the real fabric and was very relived to see that the pattern pieces fit. I didn’t have enough for the cushion, but I planned on making that a contrasting fabric anyway, so it’s ok. To make the pieces for the other side of the couch, I just flipped over my pattern pieces. The couch is symmetrical, so I’m thinking that should work… right?

While I worked, the kids watched me through the baby gate. LOVE that baby gate. It saved me from having them walk around my stuff… for a while anyway. Eventually, Kipp started to invade Twilight’s space too much and she retaliated, so I had to separate them.  Which is why you see her in the pattern photos.

I ended the day pinning and machine sewing the fabric pieces onto one half of the couch. It’s not done yet. I wanted to at least get the half sewn before the weekend, but this week tuckered me out. I was in bed by 9, 9:30pm every night. I didn’t even take pictures of my progress, that’s how tired I was. It’s looking pretty good though.  The arm is a little wrinkly on the inside, but you can’t really tell once the cushion is on. I LOVE the way the couch looks covered.

I’m hoping to get the whole thing done this weekend because John comes home again on Wednesday! This will be the last time he’s home before the baby is born, so this is my last shot!


Oh Crap.

10 Feb

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with deciding to slip cover my couch this weekend. Wish me luck in finishing it before John’s flight gets in at 11pm tomorrow!


11 May

I bought that couch that I mentioned in the last post. My friend Leah and I picked it up today. The lady lowered the price down to $100. I am not surprised she did though… that thing is CRAZY dirty. And the cushions aren’t even worth sitting on. They’re rocks! Just the seat part though; everything else is fine. And I was planning on replacing the seat cushions anyway, so WIN!

I have officially spent that $50 monthly budget though for June & July. Oh well! In August I’ll buy some fabric and hopefully will start recovering it.

I was reading through old entries on this thing and my sewing machine has been broken for over a year now. I am so lame. Like, seriously, what is my problem. I just need to find a place and bring it in.