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It’s Friday Already???

27 Aug

How did it get to be Friday already?? I’ll be honest – I spent all week sitting on the couch next to John, making digital scrapbook pages and scouring diaperswappers.com for diapers fro S. Well, that’s how MOST of the week was spent, anyway. I have also been doing some sewing, but I want to wait until it’s all done to show you guys. So until then, some hints:

Three pictures, three different projects for the same thing. Can you guess what I’m working on?

PS: It’s my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!


I heart Craigslist

4 Jun

I was looking through the arts/craft section of Craigslist the other day and I saw a listing selling fabric scraps. This woman makes reenactment costumes and was selling her scraps. As many as you could take for $5! FIVE DOLLARS. Not per bag, IN ALL. And it was in the next town over! I was so there.

Look at my bounty! And it’s really nice fabric too. Normally I just buy cotton, so this gives me a nice mix of new materials. And I buy tons of pastels, so it was great to have some earth tones to work with too. Really, all I can use them for is small patchwork or doll clothes, but for five bucks I couldn’t pass it up.

The mom of the girl selling the fabric and I chit chatted while I went through everything, and she even found pieces she thought I would like, lol!  I told her about etsy and Blythe dolls, and suggested that her daughter get into that.  People make a killing off Blythe clothes, and since she’s used to sewing complicated garments anyway, why not?  I also gave her my blog url.  I wonder if they checked it out…

Unfortunately, these people smoked, so all the fabric smelled pretty bad. I washed it all, which caused the edges to fray like crazy. I’m working to separate the pieces and cut off the fringe, but it’s taking FOREVER. Does anyone have any tips on how to wash fabric without the ends freaking out?