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Fashion Friday #1

17 Sep

I think on Fridays I’m going to try and post an outfit photo that features at least one item I bought second hand. Sometimes they’ll be vintage, sometimes not. Buying second hand is important to me. Not only does it save me money (whoo!) but it helps the environment by reducing the demand on new items.

I bought myself a mini tripod so I can take outfit photos now, whoo!

This is the other dress I had as an option to wear for my anniversary dinner with John. You know, the one that NO ONE voted for? LOL. Well, I like it a lot and I’m guessing it just doesn’t photograph well on the hanger. I had to give it some love today.

This isn’t the best photo to show it, but it has a cool print of houses and city streets and things like that. I’m pretty sure it is vintage, but I don’t know how old. The tag says “Crocodile Ladies” but I wasn’t able to find anything about that brand online.

Dress – Vintage from Salvation Army (1/2 off!)
Tights – Target (clearance last year)
Shoes – Target


Kids’ Clothing Week.

13 Sep

I think I’m going to try to participate in Kid’s clothing week over at elsie marley.

I’m going to try at least one of the following tutorials I found over at Prudent Baby:

Non-clothes items I want to try at some time:

I love Prudent Baby.

I Want to Like You, I Do, but…

24 Mar

I got my Forever21 newsletter today, and I hardly ever open it, but it had “Wonderland” in the title so I thought I’d take a peek. And at first, I liked a bunch of the clothes. But then, when I looked at the pictures with the models, they all dropped down to something that can’t be worn. I don’t understand… if the MODEL looks weird in the items, how am I supposed to look cute??? Nevermind that a lot of the items are made out of polyester.  (Yuck)  And so short!  Why is everything so short, Forever21??  Here are the items that I liked:

I don’t know what their “Twisted” line (?) is, but I wish they would make it slightly more mainstream. I really want to wear these items! I might actually drag myself out to Eastview to try them on… not that I’ll be able to tell what I’ll really look like post-birth, but you know…

Dresses: 1 2 3
Separates: 1 2 (skirt) 3