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PS: Happy Bench Monday

3 May


I went thrift store shopping this weekend but couldn’t get these guys b/c I didn’t have any cash on me. So I went back today, and they were still there!

MINE! HBM indeed!


Bunny Napkin Rings

6 Apr

Here is the finished product of what I hinted about on the facebook fan page on Sunday! I wanted to post these yesterday, but I was having technical difficulties. Actually, now that I think about it, technology has pretty much been hating on me all week.

I made these bunny napkin rings for my friend Christine’s family, since they were nice enough to invite me over for Easter dinner. I was running late on Sunday though, and didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them before I left, but I had brought my camera over to Christine’s house, so I just figured I’d take them there. However, when I got there, I realized that my memory stick was still in the card reader at my house. Fail! So I had to take these crappy pictures with my cell phone. 😦

When I went to upload them yesterday, my phone just started rebooting. Over and over and over. I went to the AT&T store to see if they could fix it, and they couldn’t. Apparently, you’re not supposed to have the same phone that you used in 2006, who knew? (lol) But the girl at the store gave me a memory card adapter so I was able to get most of the pictures off of the camera. There were some casualties though. 😦

The colors are most true in this photo. Anyway, I am counting these as a destash-along project because I made these from mostly my stash. The only things that aren’t stash are the heat & bond (because I didn’t own it.) and the napkins. (For the same reason.) All together they took about 3.5 hours, and I was really happy with how they came out. And the women of Christine’s family liked them, so that’s cool. The boys thought they were goofy and were afraid of dirtying the napkins, lol.

I made 8 in all, but her aunt had already taken hers by the time I took the photo, ha.

The Easter Village

30 Mar

OMG did Easter sneak up on me. Last weekend, when my mom asked me what I had planned for it, (nothing) I didn’t really think anything of it, but then BAM, I realized yesterday that it’s THIS SUNDAY! And the only decorating I’ve done is set up my Easter village metropolis!

This might be the only decorating I do. Seems kind of like a waste to pull everything out for just the rest of the week. Who knows though, the end of the week is supposed to have amazing weather, so maybe I’ll put up the Easter egg tree.

Oh, how my little village has grown into a metropolis, as my friend Marya calls it. Once again though, Walgreens does not seem to be selling any new houses… not here, and not in Florida either! So sad!

Recap: Easter decorations in 2009 and 2008.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

13 Mar

The city of Rochester’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was today, and I worked it in the 106.7 KISS-FM SUV. John and Kipp came with me! We always end up waiting for an hour before our car moves in the parade, so I bought along a project to work on; a cape for Kipp! I had all the letters cut out and pinned beforehand, so all I needed to do was sew on the letters.

The cape is an old Halloween cape I bought on clearance last year. Somewhere along the way though, I lost the green embroidery thread. So, I hastily sewed on the white letters with white embroidery thread. In my hast I sewed the “U” on wrong! Whoops. Oh well, when I go over it with the green thread, I’ll fix it… until then, it’s kinda like an LOLcat picture, right?

Kipp didn’t mind it, but it kept slipping to her side. I might have to add some ribbons to tie it around her belly. Do you think that would help?

Goodbye, Christmas.

3 Jan

I didn’t get to the craft room today. Instead, I designed a wedding album for my parents and took down all the Christmas decorations. The living room looks so bare now… it’s really quite sad.

Since I didn’t get to post about my Christmas decorations, I’ll take today to highlight some of my ornaments.  These are by no means all of my ornaments.  I couldn’t even find one bag of them and the tree was more than full.

I bought these this year because I just couldn’t pass up those darling little deer. Nice pick, Walmart!

This is my collection of bird ornaments. Clip-on birds were always my favorite ornament growing up, so when I started to have my own tree, of course I had to have bird ornaments. Even when I was just picking out the ornaments that went on John’s tree in the condo, I even had bird ornaments. (Thanks Mom!) I’m finding though, that these birdies clip better on fake trees than the real ones we get now. 😦 Oh well; they’re still pretty.

These are my keepsake ornaments. I have one for our first Christmas together (2002), our engagement, and of course, our marriage and our first house.

All of these ornaments were either handmade (by me and other people) or ones that I picked up in a thrift store or estate sale. Oh, well… I guess now that I look at it, I bought a couple from a store because they *looked* handmade. Whoops!

This ornament was made by a women who was staying at the same B&B we had our honeymoon at. I sat with her one day and chit-chatted with her while she was making these ornaments, and was very surprised when she gave me one! She made me promise, and I mean PROMISE like it was the end of the world, to add a ribbon to it before I hung it on my tree. 🙂 Of course I obliged.

The second photo is Dune stopping helping me put away the decorations.

Oh Christmas I miss you already. See you next year!

Holiday Catch-up

14 Apr

Seems I’m ok at posting on Mondays & Wednesdays, but not Fridays. Ah well!

Here are some pictures from St. Patrick’s Day & Easter. Is it just me, or were these two holidays waaaaay too close together?! I didn’t even have time to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, let alone Easter which was the week after!

I made this Sash for 106.7 KISS-FM’s “Palest Male of Rochester” contest. I did it in one night while watching TV, and was pretty proud of my $5 creation. I was going to hand sew the letters on, but ran out of time, so I hot glued them. When the program director saw the sash he loved it so much he wants to use it every year now. Whoops! Well, maybe I can pull that “08” off for next year…  Anyway, our palest male wore the sash in the parade, which was cool.

This was all I got to do in terms of Easter decorations! 😦 I set up my little bunny village on the new table I bought on craigslist. I super cropped this photo because I’m posting more about the table on Wednesday. I was sad because I couldn’t find my bunny village church, and of all the buildings not to find on Easter!  The second picture is of the “basket” I got for John.  It’s really small because he’s on a diet.  The malted milk balls are (were?) for me!  I love that flower; it’s stem is all bendy and it was only a dollar.

I also made a new table cloth to replace my winter one. It’s ok. The center is a little bumpy. You can’t really tell once the place mats are on it.  Guess I didn’t make the seams quite straight enough. Oh, and I also bought new place mats since this photo was taken. I was going to make matching ones, but I didn’t have time. And then I found 4 brown ones at the dollar store, so I bought those in preparation for when my mom and sister come up next month.  Hahaha, I also bought actual glasses.  I realized, while taking this photo, that I was using our nice china, but didn’t even have glasses to go with them!  We only have plastic cups.  Way to be a grown up, Colleen.

I made a simple meal of ham, au gratin potatoes, corn, and biscuits (which aren’t in the picture, but that’s what the smaller plates are for.)

Valentine’s Day: Part 1

13 Feb

So I am pretty much terrible at giving presents, AND I don’t think Valentine’s Day is all that special. Frankly, I’m just waiting until tomorrow so I can go to Target and see if I can snatch up any ‘The Office’ valentines on clearance. But I wanted to get John *something* so when I saw this, I thought it would be kinda funny. Aaaaand then I stuck a bunch of puffy hearts and some beads on it. Maybe he’ll stop using the wall now, yeah? Hope he likes it!

To be fair, I also got him a card and some candy that he really likes. But this is a holiday for the chicks, isn’t it?