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New Norman Rockwell Prints

4 Aug

I won an auction on ebay for a set of 4 wooden plaques with Norman Rockwell prints on them, and they came on Friday. So on Sunday, I hung them up in the kitchen.

LOVE!  LOL, can you guess which ones are new?

PS: Update on Dune tomorrow!



23 Jul

My garage door is broken. This picture doesn’t show it well, because I had already started working on it when I decided to take pictures of the whole thing, but the roller on one side came off the track. It looked easy enough to fix, so I got a wrench and took off the thing that holds on the roller, put the roller back on the track, and reattached the holder to the door.

I thought I was set! I sat in my car, fully prepared to be super proud of myself, and I pushed the garage door button to close the door so I could go to work.

The door came down crooked. Ut-oh! So I stopped it, sent it back up, and now almost ALL of the rollers on the other side of the door look like they’re going to fall off. They were fine when I made my fix. It’s scary looking.

The repair man will be here between one and three. Looks like I’m working from home today!

Starting of My Letter Wall

18 May

I forget which blog, but one of the blogs I read posted photos of their collection of “L”s, similar to this picture I found on google images, (edit: found it!) and I really liked the look of it. I decided that I was going to start collecting “P”s (for Panzer) and spread them along the wall going up the stairs.

I bought my first one last week from Paula. She was having a sale, so I got this for $2 + shipping. Sweet!  Now I want to have a painting party where I buy a bunch of “P”s and invite people to come over and paint them.  Would anyone be interested in that?

She even included these cute extras! Hello craft room wall!

PS: These pictures are brought to you by my new laptop, which has a webcam! Thanks Mom & Dad! Does anyone out there have Skype? I am so addicted to that now.

I’m alive!

15 Oct

And though I won’t be posting regularly just yet, I wanted to post a little post to let you guys know that I’m alive. The wedding went AWESOMELY, and I am eagerly waiting for the pictures from the photographer.

(Above photos by my friend Kim)

The move went well too, but the unpacking is slow going. We were in such a rush to get out of there, that we didn’t exactly label any of the boxes. Whoops! Ah well. Not like we’re going to have to move for a few decades anyway, but lesson learned. Here is an example of the kitchen, which is pretty much how the rest of the rooms look:

But I’m excited to figure out where things go in the new place. And once the house gets squared away, I can start going to the knitting group that meets downtown on Thursday! I’m excited about that, and the fact that I figured out how to knit! I’m terrible at guessing what width things will turn out, so I am not working on a super wide scarf for John that really looks more like a teeny doll blanket. LOL.

ALSO: I made an application video to get into the Evil League of Evil (ala Dr. Horrible) It is hilarious how I can’t sing when I’m trying not to be heard through my office walls. lmao. I posted it on my Zeta youtube page, so don’t be confused when it says I’m in Miami. The youtube page liiiiies! My character is Miss Guidance, and she is a guidance counselor who brainwashes the students who seek her help so that they do her evil bidding. Muahahaha! I also made a blooper reel, which I think is hilarious.

PS: I would SO love to find a group of girls like this in Rochester. Will you join my photo group that hasn’t been formed yet?

PPS: WordPress, have you gone and changed during my absence?! And what’s with me posting on the 15th or 16th for the past few months? LOL. It’s like I think “Oh, middle of the month, better blog!”

How I spent my Tuesday Evening

9 Jul

I didn’t buy batteries for my camera until today, so I had to document the event with my phone. Sorry about that!

1. Little scallops, washed and drained & all the ingredients at my disposal.

2. The topping that the bread crumbs and oil made + scallops in butter, salt/pepper, and parsley.

3. The whole thing after it had baked! (Please note new recipe card holder which I got on sale for $2! So cute!)

4. My dinner! Yes, I drink wine with ice & a straw because I am classy like that. I made the pasta salad too, but I just followed the recipe that was on the label of the seasoning. I can type it up if anyone wants it.

5. Yum! (Horrible hair day, lol. BTW, it’s been straight since Monday. It will be curly again tomorrow.)

6. Twilight while I was cooking.

7. Twilight while I was eating.

I used the scallops recipe from here, but changed it a little because I didn’t have everything it required. I don’t know if it’s because I used little scallops or what, but I had TONS of bread crumbs left over. AND I put way too many on top! I would use maybe a quarter of what the recipe required next time I make this.

But over all it came out good, and it was good today for lunch too!

I can has house?

7 Jul

Oh blog, surely you will forgive me for not posting last week. I have big news!


Here she is! It has 4 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. It is in a neighborhood with young families and on a quiet street. So cute! There is even a secret room (ok, so it’s the attic) in one room that you have to access through the closet. It’s like Narnia…IN MY HOUSE!

Sadly, John wants to turn that whole area into a big master suite, with its own bathroom and everything. That would be pretty great, but…Narnia!

We had our inspection today and the house passed with flying colors. Only a couple changes are needed, and the seller might have to pay for one of them. Awesome! The inspector asked John how we sleep at night since we “stole the house from under them.” or something like that. LOL.

Aaaaand this is what it will look like when we add a front porch next year. I’ll keep the brick and window and all that, but it was easier to photoshop over it all. Heh.


8 May

1. You can tell we have guests because the kitchen table is in the living room, lol. It’s so weird seeing it when I come down the stairs each morning, but all four of us couldn’t fit around the table if it was in the kitchen.

2. I don’t know if I posted my little collection of wooden plaques, but the Norman Rockwell print inspired a new little collection.

3. We went thrifting last night and found two Norman Rockwell prints for pretty cheap. I was super excited, and now I have a little gallery in my kitchen. Well, I will once John installs some shelves in the kitchen. Then I will know where to space them.

4. We also got, of course, some new little things for my minis collection. Although, the middle plate on the top shelf isn’t so much a mini… but it was a really pretty, and I think it makes the black and white bowl stick out less.

5. John has been taking a wood working class, and he completed his speaker boxes that he’s been planning to make FOREVER, but couldn’t because he didn’t have the tools. They came out really well, and who doesn’t love more storage?! (They’re the towers on each side of the TV unit.)