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Happy Anniversary!

14 Sep

John and I have been married two years today. You can read about our first anniversary here.

I’m so grateful to actually be with John today. He is going to try to get out of work early (which is still 5pm, lol) and we’re going to go out to a nice dinner.

I am torn between two dresses I want to wear, and I need your help deciding! Please leave a comment picking one of the dresses below, and note that I’m on the hunt for a cropped sweater like the red one to wear with the pastel dress. Thanks!

Despite them looking very different on the hanger, both dresses have about the same shape once on me. (Both dresses are fitted at the top, and have a-line skirts.) The red has a racer back, and the pastel one has a fuller skirt.

PS: Thanks for the reminder, facebook! (lol)


John’s Valentine’s Day Present – Completed

17 Feb

Here are some pictures of the completed booklet. You can see the rest of them over on my flickr.  Most likely, on Friday, I’ll make a tutorial for the little photos.

John’s Valentine’s Day Present

29 Jan

I’ve been spending all of my free time (when I have energy, anyway) working on John’s Valentine’s Day present! I bought a PDF kit from Corey Marie, that I can/could print out and make a mini album!

It’s sooo cute! I messed up on a couple pages though, so I guess it’s good that I can reprint and reprint to my heart’s desire. Well, only one page is really messed up… the other is a “mistake” that I might be the only one to notice.  I’m only posting close-ups now, but once John gets here, (he arrives on the 11th.) I’ll post better pictures, and I want to see if you guys can guess the “mistake.”  While I don’t think he reads my blog anyway, I’m almost positive he won’t read it once he’s home.  So no taking chances on ruining the surprise!  Even though he’s already guessed that he’s getting a scrap book.  *sigh*

I was looking at JoAnn’s during their winter sale, or something like that, and I noticed that the “Brights” mat stack (4.5″x6.5″) by DCWV matches this kit almost EXACTLY! Win!

Believe it or not, all of the pictures printed for this album were on the 4×6″ sheets (?) that you get for 41 cents or whatever from CVS. If you guys want, I can post a tutorial next week going over how I got the smaller pictures.

I guess that’s it for now!  Happy weekend everyone!

Living (and Loving) Life

26 Oct

Hello! I’ve been away because John is home! He is on leave for the month, and we’ve been busy busy busy! Once he’s gone, I’m sure blogging will return to it’s semi-regular state.  FYI, this is going to be a long post.

It was really nice being with John for is OCS graduation, but it was even better to have him come back home with me! 😀 (The captions are going to be above their corresponding picture this time, not below like normal.)

I don’t have any pictures of it, but we traded in John’s old car and bought a Prius, since he has to drive down to Ft. Jackson in South Carolina at the end of the month. It is so nice, omg. Also that weekend, we bought a puppy! Her name is Kipp, and we didn’t even mean to get her. We were sensing that Twilight was a bit lonely, so we went to scope out a kitty brother or sister for her, but when we went to the shelter to look at the cats, it was like I was dead inside. Too soon. But when we walked past the dogs, I saw Kipp and had to bring her home. Who knew? And Twilight is adjusting well, but she kind of doesn’t know what to make of Kipp. She’d never met a dog before.

And my parents are here visiting! Twilight is very happy to have her buddy back, much to my dad’s amusement. And my mom is a dog person, turns out… as long as that dog is under 10 pounds, lol.

My brother is here too. You can take the boy out of Florida…

Yesterday was super busy. We went out to lunch, then we went to Green Acre Farms in Greece to pick apples, ride a hay-ride, and go through the corn maze. Their website said they had pumpkins, and I was thinking pumpkin PATCH, but it just turned out to be pumpkins on some tables. Bummer. We’ll have to look for a legit pumpkin patch sometime this week.

We also went to an Amerks vs The Crunch game. The Amerks won. Go Rochester!

PS: Kipp thinks falling leaves are pretty awesome.

If you got any comments from me on entries that you posted, like… a month ago, sorry! This morning I had 400 entries to catch up in my “crafty” section of my blog reader! I got through 200 of them, but whew! 30 more have already been added since I started working on this entry!

Best Birthday Present EVER.

15 Jul

I got to see John today. Georgia is really freaking hot. Ugh. 😦  Haha check out those specs though!

Oh, and for the record, he thought the photoshoped mockup of the army wife outfit was cute. *shrugs* Oh well, maybe in the future. I seriously doubt ANYONE would have noticed my outfit today except John. People were not paying attention to me, for obvious reasons.

PS: Just so you know he knows, John is aware of aaaaaall the things wrong with his uniform in that top picture. (It’s missing the tie, he didn’t put any of his medals on the jacket, etc.) I said that it was fine and no one would know, so just go stand over there. Except now you all know. Oh well!


9 Jul

I miss John like crazy today. Someone put these flowers in my office after the party yesterday. We had these flowers in our wedding. GAH. Tuesday get here already. Then Wednesday. SIGH.

John Left on Tuesday. (Sorta)

7 May

He got picked up on Tuesday and spent the night in Buffalo. He flew out from there to GA Wednesday evening. I left work early yesterday so I could go hang out with him in the airport. We had dinner and I met his “battle buddy” for the trip. It was nice.

I took a long lunch on Tuesday so I could see him before he got picked up. I wasn’t planning on going to Buffalo yesterday, so I took lots of pictures, and we said what we thought were our goodbyes.

How foolish of me to think that would be enough when he was more or less an hour away the next day.

I sewed our last name onto the handle of his backpack and covered the messy backside with a yellow ribbon. The other soldiers had their names written on the back in sharpie. Unacceptable.