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The Only Sewing I’ve Been Doing…

14 Jan

…as of late has been fixing toys that Kipp has ripped apart.  XD Maybe I should use contrasting embroidery thread so you can actually SEE the stitches, huh?

Some toys are beyond saving. (Although she still likes to drag it around…)

And some get fixed…

…Only to need more fixing somewhere else later.  A never ending cycle.


Letter From Kipp

9 Dec

Dear Daddy,

I would really like one of these.  You should make me one.  Jumping is fun.  Even more so because Mommy gets really mad that she can’t get me jumping through the hoop.  I’m super fast you know.

Love, Kipp.

Pet Spam

19 Nov

Just some random pictures of my pets because I can. 🙂