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Baby Shower – Overview & Activities

18 Jun

Hold on to your hats, people, this is going to be a long one. Originally, I was going to split this up into a lot of entries, but I think since it’s been so long, I’ll just split it up into two: “Overview & Activities” and “Decorations & Food.” While my mom was up, she threw me a baby shower, and it was so much fun!

We, of course, had a Mario Brothers theme for the shower. This was the evite I made that my mom sent out to everyone. I don’t know if anyone would want it, but if you’d like, I can make it available as a download. Just leave a comment letting me know!

I got a lot of great presents, both from my registry and off. Just some of the things pictures are: “Give peas a chance” onesie from my friend Jess, a microwave bottle sanitizer from Mary, and the last two pictures have awesome Mario Brothers gifts from Nicole: Mario Brothers weebles and a print ad from a comic book for the Mario Brothers Atari game from 1983!  I would have included more pictures in this collage, but it would appear that I make TERRIBLE faces while opening presents, lol.

The above picture is a baby quilt that one of my co-worker’s mothers made, and I’m being a big nerd in the second picture and investigating the binding to see it it was machine or hand stitched on.  She said that it was a “cheater quilt” because the center is just a big panel, but I love it anyway.

Our activities were Mario Bingo*, baby shower word scrambles, “Colleen trivia,” and I had them decorate wooden “Ss” and “Ps” (the baby’s initials) that I’ll hang in the nursery.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

And that brings part 1 to a close!

*I made Bingo cards with Mario characters on them. Cute until I realized that I didn’t even know all the character’s names nevermind that no one else at the party knew the names… so I ended up calling things like “B little bullet guy” and “N angry looking alligator girl.” Ah well, lesson learned.


Chicks with Sticks, Week 2

15 Jan

I went to Chicks with Sticks again and it was fun. Although, I guess noone actually calls it “Chicks with Sticks,” but rather “Knitting Club” so I guess I will adapt and start calling it that too.

I’m terrible at names, and only two of the women were also there last week, so the only one whose name I remember is Jenna and I think the other regular was…Kim? I think Kim.

But it was fun. I drank hot coccoo with a straw because they put too much whipped cream on top, and we talked about “The Office” and other shows that we all watch.

It was funny, only one of us didn’t have a creative job. There was an art teacher (Jenna), a photographer (Kim?), a webmaster (me), some-other-creative-job-I-can’t-remember-done-by-a-woman-who-
is-getting-married-but-whose-name-I-can’t-recall, and a law clirk. XD


5 Mar

Yesterday we had an ice storm. We even lost power for a little while. I should have done some crafting (I haven’t done ANYTHING this week!), maybe something like the hearts posted here, but I read some Real Simple by candle light instead.

1. Yesterday, my work held a happy hour to welcome a new employee. I’m not allowed to talk about it in any more detail though. Pictured are myself, Bill’s back, Sean, and Jessica. (Also, the ice storm happened after I got home.)

2. Julie and I.

3. Today was Sean’s birthday so Jessica and I got him some presents. I made him a card, and we had a select few sign it. Really, we just picked people who we were all friends with or that we thought would write something funny. BTW, the card says Robot Bunny.

4. The intern and I decorated his cubicle!

Being Social!

28 Jan

Tonight I am going to this lounge with a friend from work and possibly her roommate because it’s craft night! How funny is this? I’ve never heard of a lounge holding a craft night. They’re slogan for it is “Beer + Glue = Stupid fun” and while I won’t be drinking any beer, (yuck) I do plan on gluing whatever they’ve got for me to stick together. This is an adventure for me; new place, new people, new concept! Fun!

I’m bringing my camera with me, so hopefully I will have funny pictures to show you guys tomorrow.