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Twilight Picspam

22 Mar

Twilight usually sleeps next to me, but sometimes…

… She gets a little too up-close and personal. Good morning, Twilight.


Pet Spam

19 Nov

Just some random pictures of my pets because I can. 🙂

Twilight Hearts Yarn

15 Sep

I didn’t mow yesterday, but I did knit!

“Nom nom nom”

“WTF you mean stop?”

“But I waaaaant it.”

“Yarn yarn yarn.”

Should I just remake this whole post in the style of LOLcats?

PS: John was able to call yesterday. Yay!

Dune Update

5 Aug

Dune’s surgery was successful, and I was able to pick him up after work. The vet put him in a carrying box, and when we got to the car, I opened it up so Dune could see out. I thought he would be all groggy from the medicine, but he started to poke his head out, and eventually tried to get out, so I had to close the box back up.

When we got home, he seemed pretty normal. Maybe a little sluggish, but he was roaming around the house the same, and was very eager to eat dinner. Twilight was so freaked out by him that she didn’t even try to eat first. She just wanted to check out his stitches, which kinda pissed Dune off.

Twilight was a very good big sister though, and would follow him around the house; keeping an eye on him. Seriously, wherever he was… she was there. It was hilarious.

“MOMMY! What happened to Dune?”

“Oh, well he lost his will to live, sweetie. He’ll be ok though.”

That cone didn’t last very long. Just as I was about to fall asleep, Dune decided he was done with it and started to thrash around. His movements began to affect his neck stitches, so I took the cone off. I went home over lunch today to check on him, and everything looked fine. Such a good boy!

The Dune Box is Complete!

3 Aug

As of Wednesday last week, the Dune Box only looked like this…

But by the next day it looked like this!

And on Saturday it was finished, and I was giddy!

Best part was that Dune likes it too! Sometimes he gets lonely and cries, but he is better once I sit in there with him. Yes, I sit in there with him. It’s 3 ft tall, so I’m not squished. The neighbors don’t know what to make of any of it. Some can’t even believe that he is a cat, he’s “so big.”

And I finally have my side of the garage back. No more nightmares about my car being broken into! (These dreams are crazy. I live in a very safe neighborhood, but since I had my GPS stolen from my car in the townhouse, I’m super paranoid.)

Ok, so Dune Vet Update: He has surgery tomorrow morning.  I have been giving him antibiotics every night since the vet’s appointment.  The vet thinks it might be cancer, so the tumor growth on his ear and the one on his neck (that you can’t see) are being removed.  He should be all done by noon, and I think I’m going to bring him into work with me so that when he wakes up all groggy and confused he’s not alone.  Send good thoughts his way please.

And, so that Twilight doesn’t get jealous, here are some pics of her: