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Twitter Follower Quilt

15 Apr

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Impromtu Story & Twestival Pics

20 Feb

I wanted to post my knitting pictures today, but when I tried to upload them, my card reader wasn’t working.  😦

So here is a story I made up on a whim when my friend Jackie said “Work is super busy and I’m super irritated. Tell me a story.” Yes, it is autobiographical.

There once was a little girl who used to sneak downstairs and watch Letterman through the openings between the random boards that made a wall next to her stairs. Her favorite segments on Letterman were when he dropped things from the rooftop and told the temperature by whether or not an egg would cook on the sidewalk.

Many years passed, and that girl got a job in an office building that was located in an old mall. She had her own office, with a big window that looked out onto a hotel for low income housing. One cold, snowy winter day, she came into her office and was shocked at how hot it was! Could it be? Yes, the heater in her office was broken. That old building was up to it’s fowl tricks again! She tried to turn the heat down, but no luck! It just kept getting hotter.

This girl, being very patient in nature, decided to wait out the heat. The next day passed; still much too hot. And the day after that; still not fixed. Finally the third day came with this excruciating heat. And the little girl realized, with sadness in her heart, that should could probably cook an egg on her desk. Suddenly, that bit wasn’t as funny. THE END.

Jackie: u should have cooked an egg


Here are some photos from the Twestival.  You can see the rest here. I met LJC and a bunch of other people from the internet! Good time. 🙂

Twestival Tonight – 5pm @ German House

12 Feb


Hey guys! I know I’ve been away for a while, but I’ve been working on a big knitting project and it hasn’t really been that interesting to photograph. But I will have some hint pics for you tomorrow!

Besides that, I’ve been working to help promote the Rochester Twestival, (A festival that was formed on Twitter) which benefits charity: water. I’ve been acting as a media partner; getting the stations I work for to promote the event.

The Twestival is happening tonight at The German House (located at 315 Gregory St., Rochester, NY 14620) and it starts at 5pm. I’m going to be hanging out with E-Man in the Morning from 5 until about 6 (maybe later) and Julie from 100.5 The Drive for who knows how long! I’d love to meet you, so if you stop by, try to find me!

Tickets are $15 in advance, and $20 at the door. Don’t gasp at the price! All that money goes to charity: water, which helps dig wells in developing countries/communities. $20 can provide one person with clean, safe drinking water for 20 years!!!

And, so you know what to look for, here is what I’m wearing today:

And just so you don’t think I’m afraid to show my face…. (I just didn’t like how it looked in that pic)