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Dad & Pat’s Trip

28 Apr

Here are some pictures from when my dad and brother were up for a visit:

The first project of the Mario Brothers nursery! YAY! You might remember my inspiration piece for this. Well, the hills at the top and the back of the bookcase are going to be painted like the hills here, the sides and the shelves will be white, (I suppose they should probably be brown/tan, but no.) and the cubby that my dad is by (holding the door up since it wasn’t attached yet) will be painted like this. Dad is probably going to be mad that I put the picture of him on the blog, but he doesn’t look weird in it. He should be proud of his creation! It’s really just great. 😀

I’ve already primed most of this, and I hope this weekend is warm so I can finish painting it.

We also went to visit my cousin and her husband (my second cousin, Julia, was at her grandmother’s house, so we didn’t see her.) and went out to dinner.  It was nice, but I didn’t take any pictures but this as we were getting off the thruway.

Mostly we just hung out around the house.  I felt bad because I couldn’t really take off any time from work (saving it for the baby and all) but my dad accomplished a LOT while I was gone.

  • Fixed my leaky toilet
  • Took apart my dryer and put it back together b/c he couldn’t find out why it wasn’t heating up.  Doing this somehow fixed whatever the problem was…
  • Washed plenty of dishes
  • Did two loads of laundry to prove that the dryer really was fixed and it wasn’t a fluke.  (Although, I haven’t used it yet so we shall see if it just likes him…)
  • Fixed the baseboard in the nursery and attached the vent to the wall (It wouldn’t stay in before.)
  • Cleaned my gutters on the first floor
  • Got my car washed and vacuumed the inside of it
  • Played with Kipp
  • Re-caulked the shower and took off the water saver from the shower head.  I thought we had poor water pressure, but apparently it was the shower head?
  • Put together the Mario bookcase!  (Well, the bookcase itself was from craigslist, but he cut out and  added the hills/put together the cubby.)
  • Fixed my Christmas tree.  (Kipp had chewed through the cord, naughty puppy.)

I feel like there is more, but I can’t think of what else to add…  Still, quite the impressive list, no?

And this picture is for you, Mom.  The twins in front of the Easter Egg Tree.   I left it up just for their trip.  Like our awkward “forced kid photo” faces?


Living (and Loving) Life

26 Oct

Hello! I’ve been away because John is home! He is on leave for the month, and we’ve been busy busy busy! Once he’s gone, I’m sure blogging will return to it’s semi-regular state.  FYI, this is going to be a long post.

It was really nice being with John for is OCS graduation, but it was even better to have him come back home with me! 😀 (The captions are going to be above their corresponding picture this time, not below like normal.)

I don’t have any pictures of it, but we traded in John’s old car and bought a Prius, since he has to drive down to Ft. Jackson in South Carolina at the end of the month. It is so nice, omg. Also that weekend, we bought a puppy! Her name is Kipp, and we didn’t even mean to get her. We were sensing that Twilight was a bit lonely, so we went to scope out a kitty brother or sister for her, but when we went to the shelter to look at the cats, it was like I was dead inside. Too soon. But when we walked past the dogs, I saw Kipp and had to bring her home. Who knew? And Twilight is adjusting well, but she kind of doesn’t know what to make of Kipp. She’d never met a dog before.

And my parents are here visiting! Twilight is very happy to have her buddy back, much to my dad’s amusement. And my mom is a dog person, turns out… as long as that dog is under 10 pounds, lol.

My brother is here too. You can take the boy out of Florida…

Yesterday was super busy. We went out to lunch, then we went to Green Acre Farms in Greece to pick apples, ride a hay-ride, and go through the corn maze. Their website said they had pumpkins, and I was thinking pumpkin PATCH, but it just turned out to be pumpkins on some tables. Bummer. We’ll have to look for a legit pumpkin patch sometime this week.

We also went to an Amerks vs The Crunch game. The Amerks won. Go Rochester!

PS: Kipp thinks falling leaves are pretty awesome.

If you got any comments from me on entries that you posted, like… a month ago, sorry! This morning I had 400 entries to catch up in my “crafty” section of my blog reader! I got through 200 of them, but whew! 30 more have already been added since I started working on this entry!