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So… I’ve been gone.

8 Apr

Life has been hectic.  First off, John joined the army.  (!!)  I’m an army wife now.

He is leaving for boot camp on May 6th, and will go to Officer Cadet School (OCS) after that.  He’ll be gone for about a year!  😦  I’ll be able to see him on weekends when he’s in OCS, but I can’t see him at all during boot camp.  He can’t get email or even use a cell phone!  Just snail mail.  But at least that’s something. The above photo is of him before he got his hair cut, and after his meeting with the Army Officer board. Such a difference!  Look at him try not to smile, lol.

We’ve been trying to spend as much time as we can together, which is part of the reason I’ve been gone. It’s going to be so weird being alone after 8 years of being together ALL THE TIME. The most time we’ve ever spent apart is a week, and that was only because my grandfather died and I was away helping my parents pack up his house. So this will be a shock to our systems, I’m sure. But it will be ok. I’m sure we’ll be fine. We’ll just have to keep in touch.

In other news, it snowed on Monday! Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool. My poor Easter egg tree looked so weird with snow on the eggs. But what did I expect; it’s western NY. Of course it’s snowing around Easter.

And finally, we’re moving into a new building at work, so everyone in the office is packing. My boss and the promotions people were cleaning up the basement and they found all kinds of scrapbooking stuff. They, of course, thought to give it to me! Thanks guys! I was AMAZED at all the stuff they found. How random is this collection, right?  (Scanner, printer, and phone not included in found collection.)

I guess they were items donated for a past auction? I’m not sure. The saddest part about the whole thing though was the $100 worth of gift certificates that expired in 2005. Such a waste! 😦

Aaaand… that’s pretty much it.  I’m going to be featured in the Rochester Insider sometime this month, so I’ve been working on getting my craft room fixed up. Hopefully it’ll be done by the time the photographer calls me to make an appointment. I would love for my pic to be taken in there!

I probably won’t be posting much until John leaves, so I’ll see you guys later!


I’m a Knitter!

6 Jan

Heh, so John wasn’t as enthusiastic about the road trip when I got home. I’m beginning to think that he didn’t think I was serious when I suggested the idea. And he said that there was no way we could drive to Alaska and back in one week. Not without rushing through the trip. Which isn’t what we want. So I might have to scale down that idea… I’m not giving up on it just yet.

This is just how we are… me with my heads in the clouds, and him with his feet firmly on the ground, politely tapping on my toes, reminding me of…well, reality. 🙂

— * —

In other news, for you “long-time” (lol) readers, you might remember that I won a bunch of knitting supplies in a little blogaversary contest. Well, I’ve been playing around with them, and I finally got the hang of knitting! Granted, I bought new size 13 needles because I’m not good at using the small ones, but whatever! I can knit!

My first project with the large needles was supposed to be a scarf for John, but I didn’t realize what a difference there would be between a 13 needle and an 8! The “scarf” was huuuuuge, and is more like a lap blanket! Of course, I went and finished it anyway. Three things of yarn* went into that thing! Now I have to make a couple more so we can have a throw. XD

Then, I started using the yarn I won to make myself something… a scarf and ear-warmer set! I think these came out really great. Next time though, I’ll make the ear-warmer first. That way I can just use the rest of the yarn up on making a longer scarf. The scarf isn’t short, but I have some yarn left over as it is now. I guess if I ever learn how to make fingerless gloves, I can use the left over yarn at the ends…

I am going to try to go to Chicks with Sticks this week and be social. Also, I don’t understand knitting patterns. Can anyone explain them to me?! Maybe I can ask the group…

* I really need to learn knitting terms…

Walk in the snow

30 Jan

I left work a little after 3:30 today, and was amazed that the sun was still up when I got home. To celebrate, I took a walk. Which is unusual for me not only because of the sunlight, but because I’m usually like OMGCOLDMUSTGOINSIDE.

1. This is the bridge I usually go under to get to the walking paths. The ground was frozen so I had to walk along the edge of it.

2. The tunnel wasn’t the only thing frozen.

3. Standing on a different bridge, looking out on the other side of the lake.

4. Bench just over the bridge.

5. Sad little lonely birds’ nest.

6. View of the bridge standing by the bench.

7. Ice through tree branches.

8. The last bits of fall.

9. What can I say, I’m a goof. Haha my nose is all red. It really felt like my cheeks should have been more red too.

10. This baby pine tree was so cute!

11. It was too cold to walk all the way over to the other bridge, so I just snapped a picture of it.

I wish it showed up better, but the later shots had snow bustling all about in them. It was really cool! When I upload bigger versions to my flickr you’ll be able to see them then.