Blast from the Past

9 Jan

I did a little sewing over lunch, but not enough to even bother photographing. I’m kind of feeling blah today. And overwhelmed. 😦

1. I am awesome. I would just like to stress this. I put the pots and pans away in their cabinet last night, and I managed to get one of the lids stuck to the ceiling! I could not yank it out, and had to get John to do it.

2. Since I don’t have any current crafty things to show you, here are a couple of things I’ve already made. This was a sketch I did in 2006, in Illustrator, for a Halloween costume I wanted to make. One of the stations I worked for was having a Halloween toga party, and I HAD to make my “toga.”

3. The end result. I got a million compliments on it. It took forever! I had to bring my sewing machine into work and sew during lunch just to get it done on time! (I do hand sewing during lunch now.)

4. This is a quilt I made for Dune a long time ago. The middle patch snaps shut to hide the Superman S inside! We call him SuperDune sometimes because he runs around so quickly it’s like he’s flying! The snaps are from a baby onesie I got on clearance.


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